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Foreign-born individual not qualifying as a citizen of the country in which he or she resides.

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Jane Nix Jane Nix said:

Can a country club require you to pay dues if you are a member and live in the neighborhood

Nov 22, 2018  12:51:32

Real Estate Agent

Hey again, Jane

Well, if you are a member and the country club statute says so, yes. The fact that you live in the neighborhood doesn't mean much because, in this relation, your house and residences are Aliens to the Country club.

Now, what they cannot do is charge non-members (aliens) just because they share the same neighborhood. Their statute is limited to their premises and members. It will hardly share a Homeowner's association with your house as well, since country clubs are not residences but land with a different kind of use and, therefore, rules connected to it. If you're having problems with a Country Club, we suggest reaching a lawyer to help you complaint with the city. Good luck!

Nov 29, 2018  17:10:21
Jane Nix Jane Nix said:

What does aliens mean in real estate

Nov 06, 2018  19:27:36

Real Estate Agent

Thanks for reaching out Jane,

Alien comes from being "alienated", so whenever you hear "alien" within the real estate context is to mean that a person is almost a third-party. The person is being alienated from whatever it is. Separate from ownership, from the decision process etc.

Hope it helped!

Nov 20, 2018  17:36:19
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