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As a real estate agent who’s just starting out, it’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed by all of the strategies and tools available to those in your profession when it comes to marketing. There’s seemingly no end to the number of ways to increase your sales and get your name out there, with a new marketing technique around every corner. 

If you’re interested in becoming the biggest name in real estate, however, marketing is a must. Without it, you’ll never make it very far in this business! The crucial nature of marketing as a real estate agent simply cannot be understated, proving it to be one of the most important aspects of the business. Without the benefit of good marketing, you’ll achieve virtually nothing. 

Of course, the next logical question is the amount that you’ll need to pay to secure the best possible marketing for your real estate business. Is it best to undertake the marketing tasks yourself, or hire professionals? What is the standard practice, and is that practice right for you? Hopefully, we can make some sense of this and give you a solid answer. 

Do real estate agents pay for marketing? 

Before we can talk about how real estate agents spend their money on marketing, we’ve got to talk about which real estate agents spend on marketing. Which real estate agents spend more on marketing and which spend less? Why do they choose to spend more or less, and how will it affect your business? Let’s find out. 

Many real estate agents at the beginning of their career choose to take on the bulk of their marketing duties aone. Many rookie real estate professionals simply cannot afford to incur the cost of a professional marketing agency, and they opt to do their marketing themselves. If you’re strapped for cash, this can be a good way to hone your skills and improve your craft. 

Those with the financial situation and necessary experience may find, on the other hand, that spending a bit more on marketing can net you immense returns in the long run. If you hire a professional to do your advertising and public relations, you can count on receiving vastly increased leads, and an improved relationship with clients. Over time, it’s an investment that will likely pay itself off exponentially. 

How do real estate agents spend their marketing dollars? 

Now that you have some idea of how marketing expenditures work in real estate, it’s time we looked at some of the most common ways that real estate agents spend their marketing budget. There are a wide variety of tools and techniques available to real estate professionals looking to up their marketing game, but in this section we’ll cover the most common types. 

For modern real estate agents, marketing is typically composed primarily of digital tools. These tools range from simple pay-per-click ads to social media advertising and more, but generally are a great way to get in touch with the exact demographic you’re targeting at a reasonable price. While these tools can be difficult to get the hang of, they’re a great way to improve your sales numbers and visibility. 

Conventional advertising can also be highly effective in less developed areas, as it allows you to reach a client demographic that doesn’t spend a lot of time online. With the use of tools such as billboards, print advertisements and other similar mediums, you can easily improve your recognition in your local real estate market. 

Finally, many real estate agents spend a part of their marketing budget on premium content. While this can be a bit difficult to define, it usually pertains to professionally written bios and other such content, which can be tremendously valuable in improving your image and overall perception among clients. 


While the world of real estate marketing can be a bit difficult to navigate for those just starting out, it’s worth noting that your time and money are well invested in such services. Whether you take on the task of marketing on your own or hire a professional real estate marketing agency such as, it’s well worth the cost! 

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