Definition of "Codicil"

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Susan Schude, Real Estate Agent UTR Texas Realtors

A written supplement or amendment to an existing will such as one affecting the transfer of real estate upon death.


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Comments for Codicil

Lorie L Warfield Lorie L Warfield said:

My parents died. My sister and I are supposed to split the property that was supposed to be a codicil. She said she can't find it. There's some guy living on the property and I need to know what to do.

May 08, 2019  17:20:39

Real Estate Agent

HI, Lorie! Unfortunately, we cannot provide legal advice. is a directory that connects real estate agents with home buyers and sellers. We recommend that you hire an attorney or a real estate lawyer. 

May 09, 2019  06:41:51
Sheryl Sheryl said:

What term is used for an exemption to a zoning law?

Apr 16, 2018  22:44:46

Real Estate Agent

"Zoning Variance", Sheryl
And you can read more about it, right here in our real estate glossary. Just click here >>

Apr 27, 2018  17:18:27

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