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Located on the east coast of Florida, the city of Melbourne lies on the banks of the Indian River. This river separates the city from the Atlantic Ocean and a thin strip of land works as a barrier of beaches between the Indian River and the ocean. As the second-largest city in the county of Brevard, Melbourne, FL has over 85,000 residents and is only around 70 miles away from Orlando, FL.

Safety is an important factor for anyone relocating to a new city and it can influence the final choice. In that regard, we will go over some statistics to show how safety can be measured in Melbourne, FL, and whether it can be considered safe for its residents. One thing to take into consideration is that there are some suburbs in the Melbourne area that are considered safer than the second-largest city in Brevard County but let’s see exactly what is going on in the larger city of Melbourne.

Safety numbers and crime rate in Melbourne, Florida

Based on the last 20 years, safety statistics have been on the rise overall in the city of Melbourne, FL. Both violent and property crimes have been decreasing which predicts an ongoing trend in improving the safety of this city as well as the quality of life.

While the situation is improving, the city of Melbourne, FL isn’t yet ranked among the safest cities in Florida. The overall crime statistics indicate that for every 1,000 residents there are around 42 crimes happening annually. Out of these numbers around 7.2 are reported to have been violent crimes while 35 have been property crimes. These statistics reflect the crime rates that had been reported in Melbourne, FL during 2018. Compared to Florida’s averages, Melbourne has slightly higher crime numbers but you can get in touch with the local real estate agents in Melbourne, FL for more exact numbers.


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