Fair Credit Reporting Act

Definition of "Fair Credit Reporting Act"

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Stature regulating the use of credit information. Allows consumers such as prospective homeowners access to their credit files. It requires a lender to explain how loan interest is computed.
First, banks and credit companies must make a consumer's credit file available to the person in question. Further, the consumer upon examining the file, has the right to correct any error that may appear in the credit reports. Second, if a creditor denies a loan to an applicant, the applicant must given the name and address of the credit bureau that supplied the credit information to the creditor.. Upon request, the credit bureau must supply the consumer with the pertinent information contained in the applicant's credit file. Finally, the act limits the access of the consumer's credit records to people who evaluate an applicant for insurance, credit, or employment; those secure the consumer's permission; or those who secure court permission.


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