What Are The Top-rated Restaurants In Santa Rosa Beach?

Definition of "What are the top-rated restaurants in Santa Rosa Beach?"

The Gulf of Mexico isn’t only famous for its breathtaking views! It also hosts one of Florida’s most renowned and attractive cities, the one and only Santa Rosa Beach (zip 32459)! Stunning beaches with emerald waters? Check! Mindblowing recreation? Check! Under such circumstances, Santa Rosa Beach, this idyllic unincorporated community (population 14,000 in 2023) in Walton County, has become the ultimate tourist gem and relocation destination dreamt by many. 

And, like all trendy Florida tourist attractions, it invested a great deal in creating an exciting culinary scene. In this gastronomic trip, we’ll explore the best Santa Rosa Beach restaurants that promise to deliver a delightful and tasteful blend of dishes, ambiance, and local charm.

Are you ready to move to Santa Rosa Beach?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were interested in investing in the Santa Rosa Beach paradise. Buying an affordable home will be a piece of cake with the assistance of the best local real estate agents in Santa Rosa Beach

Though this fantastic residential community features high-end and expensive properties, agents can bring the most reasonably-priced assets, from downtown cottages to beachfront mansions so that you can pick the most adequate one. In addition, they can recommend the trendiest and top-rated restaurants and eateries in Santa Rosa Beach!

Enjoy a swine meal at the Perfect Pig Grill and Fish House!

Let's start our culinary adventures in Santa Rosa Beach at The Perfect Pig. This lovely restaurant delivers the warmest Southern hospitality, and its menu unveils the most exotic artisanal dishes. Did you know that the Perfect Pig is celebrated for its pork-centric meals all over Florida? The fabulous restaurant prides itself on selecting the finest ingredients. Therefore, it ensures an unforgettable dining experience for you and your family. 

We recommend starting your feast with the Bacon Deviled Eggs, a unique twist on a classic appetizer, or indulging in the Pork Belly Tacos for a savory treat. To top it all, The Perfect Pig boasts a chill-out atmosphere and an eclectic menu that satisfies all tastebuds.

Bijoux: Explore a genuine appetizing jewel in Santa Rosa Beach!

Forget the most widely-known comfort foods! Suppose you're up for some exquisite upscale dining experience in Santa Rosa Beach. In that case, your number one option should be Bijoux! This pleasing dining establishment showcases a refined ambiance and glamour. Secondly, its menu offers meals based on global influences. Why don't you begin with the fabulous Tuna Tataki? This delectable appetizer proves the restaurant's commitment to fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Then, try our favorites, the mouthwatering Grouper Almandine and the Filet Mignon! A memorable dining experience is guaranteed at Bijoux, serving the best American foods everyone needs to try!

Discover a seafood haven powered by Stinky's Fish Camp! 

Due to its coastal location, Santa Rosa Beach has turned into a seafood lover's paradise. Would you call yourself one? Then, you must visit Stinky's Fish Camp! With its casual waterfront setting, this laid-back seafood joint gained stellar prestige for its fresh catches and family-friendly atmosphere. 

We (being shellfish enthusiasts) always order the legendary Oyster Log, a variety of oysters cooked in different styles. Then, we switch to Blackened Grouper or Shrimp and grits. These two delicious meals mirror the Gulf Coast's most authentic flavors!

Pick Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar, an excellent beachside retreat!

Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar was named after a legendary nearby fishing reef. No wonder the place grasps the essence of coastal living spectacularly. This customer-friendly oyster bar features a menu with unique and tasty seafood options few restaurants can compete with. So, why don’t you try the Gulf Seafood Platter or the Shunk Gulley Gumbo? 

Visiting this fantastic establishment, you can savor freshly shucked oysters from the raw bar. Simultaneously, you’ll be enjoying panoramic views of the Gulf! Nothing can beat this sensation! Without a doubt, the beachside retreat of Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar authentically honors the Gulf Coast’s vast culinary heritage.


With so many incredible places to eat out and an impressive array of exquisite culinary delights, Santa Rosa Beach is undeniably one of the best food cities in America!

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is a savory and succulent treasure for foodies. In other words, the town assembles the Gulf's countless bounties and creative culinary talents. Santa Rosa Beach's restaurants deliver big time, whether yearning for fresh seafood, gourmet treats, or a unique dining experience! From the upscale ambiance of Bijoux to the beachside charm of Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar, each top-rated Santa Rosa Beach eatery adds its own flavor to the local community's rich culinary scene.

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