Definition of "Financial markets"

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Same as term financial institutions and markets: Institutions acting as intermediaries between suppliers and users of money. The financial markets are where those wanting funds are matched with those having surplus funds. The financial markets consist of money markets and capital markets. Money markets are the markets for short-term debt securities such federal agency securities, banker's acceptances, and negotiable certificates of deposit issued by public and private institutions. The New York Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchange are examples of capital markets. These exchanges are organized markets.. There are others markets such as the mortgage market which handling various real estate mortgages. A primary market refers to the market for new issues, while a secondary market deals with previously issued securities being exchange.' financing fee;"Same as term finance charge: Fee for the cost of a loan including interest and points. Points (1 point= 1% of the total loan) are advance charges for a mortgage, whereas interest in charge over the life of the mortgage. Interest and points add to the total cost of the loan.

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