Definition of "Undue influence"

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Someone acts in an extraordinary way because of fear, excessive influence, or other reason. The person is being forced to do something against his will. The injured person can use this pressure tactic as a basis to void the contract. An example is when an employee of a real estate company is threatened with his job unless he signs a contract agreeing to unreasonable terms in a real estate transaction.

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Comments for Undue Influence

Matthew Fields Matthew Fields said:

My girlfriend and kids father shared a house. He had her removed from the mortgage by refinancing it by himself. He did an FHA streamline. She is on the title to the house. He had her sign papers after she had spinal fusion surgery. Is that legal? The house is up for auction next month but she wants to try and keep it.

May 17, 2019  22:10:43

Real Estate Agent

Mr. Fields, we are sorry about this situation. Unfortunately, we cannot provide legal advice. Please get in touch with the local real estate agents in Bethel PA or other nearby cities to discuss the whole problem and we are sure you can find a solution to keep the house. 

May 21, 2019  06:41:14
Connie McMenamin Connie McMenamin said:

My Mom & Dad had a Will. They have 2 daughters, myself & older sister. My parent's Will stated my sister & I split 50/50. Dad passed away, Mom had another Will drawn up, still 50/50. However then my sister and Mom had a Deed drawn up which from my understanding now makes the Will null & void, So my sister gets the market value of house & property to herself. I have tried to explain this to my Mom however, she is 98 and just can't understand with the Deed, I am now left out, my sister gets 100% of the house & property. I feel my Mom is "afraid " to believe my sister would have done this. I am just looking for answers if there is anything I can do. To say the least this has destroyed many relationships.

Jul 04, 2018  11:04:32

Real Estate Agent

we're really sad to read this. Know that you're not alone, as many people, unfortunately, find themselves in situations like this. Deeds and wills are very sensitive matters and often lead to similar unfoldings. We can only recommend you talk with a specialized lawyer to check the available options to your specific case and wish you all the good luck. Hope you get what you feel you deserve and that, somehow, your family relations get established back.

Jul 06, 2018  13:24:36


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