Is It Expensive To Live In Cape Coral?

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Located in the Southwest of Florida, the city of Cape Coral is known for its canals and waterfront wonderland. Many people migrate here during winter or settle for a comfortable but active retirement lifestyle

When you take a look at what it’s like living in Cape Coral, FL you might think that a lifestyle like that is completely out of your budget. Fortunately, we’ll have to disagree with you on this. I mean, there are luxury villas with 5 bedrooms and countless amenities available that might be a bit more expensive at 3.7 million dollars, but you can also find a dream home around $450,000. 

Housing costs

A median home cost in Cape Coral, FL is around $237,000. And, yes, we took into account the waterfront properties as well. For that price you can easily purchase a waterfront property with a swimming pool in the garden and enough space for your entire family, just contact the local real estate agents in Cape Coral FL for more information. 

The housing costs have always been relatively affordable in Florida but in Cape Coral it is even more affordable to purchase a house. Housing costs are 15% lower than the national average and the houses available for purchase in Cape Coral are at a certain standard, especially if you look in the southwest part of the city. Cape Coral is a great place to retire especially if you like water sports, water activities, golfing, yachts, and fishing.

Cost of living

The general cost of living is lower in Cape Coral, FL by 4% compared to the national average. As we already covered the biggest influencer for living costs in any city, we’ll go straight to the others.

Utilities are less expensive in Cape Coral than they are in Florida or in the U.S. This is very important as energy bills will be affected by the perpetual use of air conditioning. The weather will make air conditioning a necessity not only during the summer months but it’s good to know that the energy costs won’t be too expensive because of it. The difference between Cape Coral and the national average for utilities is 12%.

In regards to groceries and transportation the balance changes. The difference between the average cost for groceries when we compare it to the national average is 5% more expensive. Transportation and gas are also more expensive in Cape Coral by 7% than the national average.

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