What Is The Average Home Price In Hampstead NC?

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Located in Pender County, Hampstead is an unincorporated North Carolina community with ample waterfront access and a small community of around 5,700 residents. With the large city of Wilmington, NC, to the south on Route 17 and the similarly sized Jacksonville to the north on the same route, Hampstead, NC, is the best-kept secret on the banks of the east coast. As one of the best small towns to live in North Carolina, Hampstead has something to offer anyone who ventures there, whether they are long time residents or visitors. 

With plenty of things to do in Hampstead, the area became one of the fastest-growing regions, not only for new residents but for new businesses as well. The influx of residents increased the need for new residential developments throughout the area, and buying a home in Hampstead may become the easy path for a better life. The home price in Hampstead, NC, while not exceedingly expensive, isn’t exactly low, but the cost of living balances things out for a good place to live.

The Real Estate World in Hampstead, NC

As the Hampstead, NC area is continuously developing, both residential and commercial real estate is flourishing. Because of this, potential homebuyers and investors in real estate find different types of amenities offered with their properties that attract even more potential residents. From large estates to standard single-family homes, Hampstead, NC real estate leaves little to be desired. We’ll go into some details about the real estate market but you can inquire top real estate agents in Hampstead NC for more information as the demand has enough supply in this growing market.

This abundance of demand and interest in the area affected the average home price in Hampstead, NC. If you look at North Carolina as a whole, you can see a significant difference in home prices. Still, even if you compare this small community to the much larger cities of Wilmington and Jacksonville, the difference is evident. 

The average home price in Hampstead, NC, is $335,000, with a 7.9% expected increase for the next year. The price, however, by itself doesn’t say much about living there, and Hampstead’s crime rates influence that as well. One thing to take note of is that 89.5% of residents own their homes. Homes in Hampstead are large and spacious while being some of the newest in the country, with 47.1% having been built since 2000, and 45.2% being constructed between 1970 and 1999.

When it comes to prices, 33.6% of homes are valued between $248,000 and $372,000. Besides that large bulk of homes, 25.5% of homes are valued below, while 40.9% are assessed above. There is a market for any home size with 2, 3, 4, or more bedrooms, with around 70% of them being single-family homes. These usually come with various amenities such as boat ramps, private piers, or docks.


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