Is Chesterfield VA A Good Place To Live?

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Located in Chesterfield County, Chesterfield, VA, with the full name Chesterfield Court House, Virginia is a great place for families both for its safety and for the active lifestyle that is offered to its residents. With its suburban atmosphere, Chesterfield, VA is just 25 minutes away from Richmond, VA where many residents living in this small suburb work. Like this they can enjoy the small town life of Chesterfield while having the economical benefits of the much larger metropolis.

Living in the census-designated place of Chesterfield, VA is ideal for active families or retirees with a passion for historical sites

Education ratings

The school system in Chesterfield, VA is part of the Chesterfield County school district and has, in total, 14 schools, out of which 9 are public schools and the other 5 are private schools. The graduation rate in Chesterfield, VA is higher than the Richmond Metropolitan area or the state of Virginia when it comes to high school graduation, averaging at 92%, while in both Richmond Metro and Virginia state the average is at 89%. Chesterfield, VA is still leading when it comes to degrees of 2 year with a 23.3% graduation rate, while in the Richmond Metro area the percentage stops at 21.5%. For higher education the ratings are similar with differences lower than 1% between the metropolitan area and Chesterfield, Virginia.

Safety statistics

The most visible difference when it comes to statistics is the safety rating for Chesterfield, Virginia. There is a lower crime rate per capita in the unincorporated area of Chesterfield, VA than there are in the Richmond Metropolitan area. From a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the safest, the crime index in Chesterfield, VA stops at 28.9 for property crime and 13.6 for violent crime while in the Richmond Metro the index goes to 35.2 for property crime and 15.7 for violent crime. This makes Chesterfield a much safer option for families to live than is Richmond.

With a lower cost of living than the average in the US, Chesterfield, Virginia was considered the 4th best-rested city in the US in 2011 and is the 3rd best place for military retirees according to So if you decide to relocate to this small but lovely suburb of Richmond and want to enjoy some amazing things to do there, then get in touch with real estate agents in Chesterfield VA for more information about the housing market there.


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