Is Fort Washington MD A Good Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Fort Washington MD a good place to live?"

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If you go south of Washington D.C, following the Potomac River on the left side of the capital, you'll find Fort Washington, MD. This is a city built around an actual fort. It was, actually, the first fort that was built as a defense for Washington, D.C.

Currently, this unincorporated census-designated area has around 24,000 residents. With its rich history and a multitude of attractions by the Potomac River and the National Harbour, the residents live a nice and peaceful life in Fort Washington, MD.

Life in Fort Washington, D.C.

With a diversified population, low crime rate, family-friendly atmosphere and affordable housing, Fort Washington, MD is considered a good place to live. Its residents can enjoy a calm and quiet place to rest their heads at the end of the day, while also venture towards the excitement of the nation's capital with all its high-end amenities just 30 minutes away.

Fort Washington, MD is one of the safest areas around Washington D.C. with fewer violent or property crimes than Maryland's average or the nation's. There's a 1 in 65 chance of falling victim to property crime in Fort Washington, MD while there is only one in 437 of a chance to be the victim of a violent crime.

As it's a small town, Fort Washington, MD has a neighborly atmosphere where everyone knows everybody while people wave to each other on the street. The fact that this happens around 30 minutes away from the capital is an added bonus. Other close areas to consider living are Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA and, a bit further away, there is Baltimore, MD. For those who want to see the city that attracts the most tourists in the U.S. a four-hour drive away, you have New York City.

There are many pros to living in Fort Washington, MD. As a town with the largest green areas in the U.S. the quality of air is high and many outdoor activities are available for those who want to enjoy the fresh air. If you're interested in looking at some real estate in this town, get in contact with real estate agents in Fort Washington, MD and you can see for yourself what life is like in this historical city.


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