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Just south of Washington D.C. is the small unincorporated census-designated area of Fort Washington, MD. As the capital, its location is on the right side of the Potomac River and there are around 19 miles between the downtown areas of these two cities. Fort Washington, MD is a much smaller town than the nation’s capital but despite their huge differences, the two cities manage to work together in order to provide a better life for their citizens.


With a population of just over 24,000 residents, Fort Washington, MD has a rich history, a significant area of land covered by green spaces and that small-town atmosphere that makes it a perfect town for families, retirees and people who just want to get out of bigger cities. 


While Washington D.C. is a rather costly place to live, the people who work in the nation’s capital can choose to live in Fort Washington, MD not only in Arlington, VA. This area is also an intersection of three states, all of which are in close proximity to the capital. Many of these cities work as suburbs to D.C. and debates could be held for or against Fort Washington, MD is one of these cities. Its proximity to D.C., its outdoor activities, the easy access to highways, freeways and Washington’s beltway allow for a fast 30-minute commute. The fact that homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD are much more affordable than Washington D.C. is an added bonus. The real estate market in Fort Washington, MD is worthy of a quick check so we’re going to take a closer look at that.


Types of homes for sale in Fort Washington

Another reason why many families live in Fort Washington, MD is that, although home prices are above the national average, at $330,000 prices are below the average for the area. The most common types of homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD are single-family homes, reaching an outstanding percentage of 94.9%. The next are apartment complexes, at 3%, then townhomes at 1.7%.


In regards to the size of houses, the biggest percentage of homes in Fort Washington, MD are four-bedroom homes at 44.7%, followed by five or more bedroom homes at 25%. Three-bedroom homes are close behind with around 23.7%, while there are only 4.7% of homes with two bedrooms, 1.7% homes with one bedroom and 0.2% residences that are studios.


While the vast majority of homes in Fort Washington, MD are built between 1970-1999 (61.4%) and 23.5% are built between 1940-1969, only 1.6% are older than that and a growing percentage of 13.5% have been built after 2000. You can find a decent amount of new homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD. The fact that so many homes have been built between 1970-1999 gives the town a Brady Bunch kind of look. This isn’t, however, limited to homes built during that period as even newer homes adopt that aspect.


Among the whopping majority of single-family homes, in Fort Washington, MD you will see a lot of homes that were built in that Brady Bunch style. Another name for these homes is ramblers. They resemble ranches and are one-storied homes. Often they have an “L” or “U” with a low-pitch roof that extends further than it would usually be necessary. You can find many rambler homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD with an extended garage and usually a large window that’s facing the street. The style originated in the 1920s in the U.S. but only became popular in the 1940s-1970s. They are also known as ranch-style homes as they have an elongated ground-level cover, a low profile and their exterior design is very minimalistic.


The Real Estate Market in Fort Washington, MD

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For those seeking to make an investment in this small town, there are a fair few homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD from which to pick. The real estate market here has been steadier than in many other areas of the county, but when compared to Maryland, appreciation rates have been higher. Although there hasn’t been a high appreciation rate over the last twenty years, this town manages to keep and sustain steady growth. During the past ten years, home appreciation rates in Fort Washington, MD have been higher than the national average at 22.92%. That places Fort Washington, MD in the top 50% in the nation with a 2.08% yearly average.


In comparison to Maryland, the last appreciation rate calculated shows that Fort Washington, MD has higher appreciation rates than 70% of the state. However, if we are to compare appreciation rates over the last year between Fort Washington, MD and the U.S., we will see that Fort Washington, MD is trailing behind. While during 2019 there has been an appreciation rate of 3.97%, which is lower than the national average, over the last quarter, the appreciation rate in Fort Washington, MD had been at 0.52%. This would make a yearly appreciation rate of 2.09% which is significantly lower than last year, but an average for Fort Washington, MD.


Taking a look at how the real estate market of Fort Washington, MD is doing currently, we can see that it is a hot seller’s market.  There is a high demand for homes while sellers have more requests for their homes. Usually, this can lead to an increase in prices or an influx of new residential developments.  In a very competitive market, such as it is in Fort Washington, MD homes only stay on the market for around 35 days. Homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD are purchased on average for 1% below the asking price as they get more than one offer and hot homes can even go for 2% above the asking price as buyers try to outbid each other.

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Homes for Sale in Fort Washington, MD

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Deciding what type of home is important and it depends on your lifestyle, your family type and the area where you would like to live. If you want to live in an apartment, you should know that there aren’t many condos for sale in Fort Washington, MD and those that are for sale are located near the National Harbour. While there are many great restaurants and things to do in the area of the National Harbour, it isn’t the most peaceful area in Fort Washington, MD. For young entrepreneurs or young professionals, however, that area could be perfect as it’s where the nightlife is, it is also closer to Washington D.C. for even more activities.


If, however, you move to Fort Washington, MD with your family you might be more interested in single-family homes. It could work better for you and your family if you look at rambler homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD. They are available throughout the town and are also in more peaceful neighborhoods. For families with children that are looking at rambler homes for sale in Fort Washington, MD school ratings might also matter. It is good to know that the best school system is the one in Silesia and Broadwater Estates. In regards to safety, that same area is the second safest neighborhood in town, while the first being the center of town, which is also where Fort Washington (the fort) is located. Anyone who is interested in this small-town life can get in touch with the real estate agents in Fort Washington, MD and have a taste of its great history.



Moving to a new town can be unnerving, but if you already lived in the area surrounding Washington D.C. it might help to know that this is a safer town than many that surround it. Family life is simple in Fort Washington, MD. With the proximity of the nation’s capital or quick trips to other important cities in the U.S., Fort Washington, MD attracts people who want to enjoy a quiet family life while working in a major city where they have access to many big-city amenities and attractions. Having a small-town home to get back to at the end of the day, where you feel safer in the comfort of your home is what makes many people choose a residence in Fort Washington, MD.


Let us know in the comments below what you think of Fort Washington, MD. Like & Share with your friends and family if they are also looking for a nice and quiet place to live.

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