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Among the things that determine whether or not you move to one city or another, crime rates are near the top of the list. It’s understandable; job availability, the availability of attractions or the median home price all tend to fade into the background if you find out that the city you’re moving to has a high property or violent crime rate. 

Given the importance of crime rates in the decision making process, you’re probably wondering about crime rates if you’re thinking of moving to the city of Houston TX. Unfortunately, in terms of public safety, the city of Houston TX doesn’t rank very high on the list of safest cities in America. So how bad is it, more exactly? Let’s take a look. 

Crime rates in Houston TX

To begin with, let’s take a look at violent crime rates. When compared to other cities of similar size, Houston isn’t heinously bad, but it falls short of being safe in the most conventional sense. With a violent crime rate of 11 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, this city is well above the national average when it comes to this type of crime.

As far as property crime is concerned, things aren’t much better. With an average property crime rate of 44.6 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, Houston is among the least safe cities in this regard. Of course, it’s worth noting that there are a wide variety of common-sense safety measures that one can take to reduce one’s chances of becoming the victim of this type of crime; nevertheless, don’t forget to factor these statistics into your planning process. 


If you’ve got your heart set on living in this city and the crime statistics don’t deter, you’ll want to get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Houston TX. These skilled, experienced real estate professionals will help you find a home that suits your budget and your needs, in as safe an area as possible. Happy hunting! 


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