What Is The Average Home Value In NORTH PORT, FL?

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Would you like to live in a warm, sunny city that delivers top family-friendly entertainment all year round? Then, we’ve found the ultimate relocation destination for you! North Port (population 80,000 in 2023) in Sarasota County, Florida, attracts countless newcomers, house hunters, and job seekers. 

What is North Port’s secret, you may wonder. There’s no shortage of mind-blowing must-see places in this beautiful city. Right off the bat, we recommend visiting Warm Mineral Springs, Atwater Community Park, Myakka State Forest, and the mesmerizing Blind Pass Beach!

A skilled local realtor in North Port, Florida, is ready to bring you all the answers you require!

Suppose the idea of moving to North Port, Florida, grows on you. And naturally, you’d be interested in the local housing options, economic prospects, and one-of-a-kind recreational opportunities. In that case, contacting professional and reliable local real estate agents in North Port FL, would be your best bet!

Home prices in North Port, Florida, are below the national average.

Despite its economic advantages, exceptional livability score (88/100,) and top-rated entertainment and recreational facilities, the real estate market in North Port still features affordable homes. 

As of January 2023, the median real estate sale price was about $362,000. Interest in buying North Port properties has grown, so home prices have risen by about 3.5 percent since 2022.

Let’s see how regional real estate prices compare tothe bigger picture! North Port properties are twelve percent cheaper than the Florida average. At the same time, North Port assets are also more affordable than the national average, which was around $392,000 in the third quarter of 2022. 


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How did the housing market trends change in North Port over the years?

The local real estate market in North Port, Florida, has experienced gradually increasing home prices since 2019. Looking back at the last four years, investing in a North Port property was the best idea in early 2020, as the median home sale price was a mere $210,000. 

On average, local asset prices almost doubled till July 2022, reaching the median of approximately $410,000. Since then, property prices have dropped substantially and become more affordable for house hunters. 

Renting a unit in North Port, Florida, doesn’t come expensive.

You can also rent a home in one of North Port’s trendiest neighborhoods, such as Lake Geraldine, West Villages, or Gran Paradiso, to name a few. Then, the good news is that rental in North Port is about five percent less expensive than the Florida average.

Whether buying or selling a home in North Port, Florida, you must know these facts!

For starters, the housing market in North Port, Florida, is moderately competitive. The demand for homes slightly outweighs the supply. Typically, properties listed receive multiple offers and sell after 31 days on the market. 

According to statistics, properties sell slightly below the list price by about two percent. Homebuyers don’t have to wait too long for the property deed, as the pending period generally lasts about 32 days. However, hot properties sell faster and receive the initial price the home seller asked for.

Final thoughts

New homebuyers, aspiring house hunters, and real estate investors should rejoice as the real estate market in North Port provides affordable homes. However, based on national housing market predictions, home prices will likely increase in the foreseeable future. For this reason, we recommend not postponing your real estate purchase in North Port, Florida!

Suppose you wish to buy or rent a home on a budget in North Port, FL. On the other hand, you might want to sell your asset in town for the highest returns. In that case, reach out to established local realtors in North Port FL, and they will assist you in finding your dream home!


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