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The city of Scottsdale is more than a place to live - it’s also a resort, a tourist destination. So, the job of the Scottsdale Police Department (SPD) is to ensure a fun and relaxed environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. So far, the 413 officers and 262 civilian employees have gone above and beyond to keep Scottsdale safe and most residents think they are living in one of the safest cities in America. 

If we looked at the 2017 Crime in the U.S. report released by the FBI last year, we could see that Scottsdale has had a very low number of violent crimes among the cities in the Phoenix area - 396 to be exact. Phoenix had more than 12,500 violent crimes in the same year. When it comes to motor vehicle thefts, there have been only 246 incidents of this kind in Scottsdale, while in Tempe there were twice as much. Burglaries and robberies are also quite rare in comparison with the nearby cities of Tempe and Mesa. For Scottsdale, 2017 ended with 878 burglaries and only 100 robberies. So, the city lures people in with its richness and low crime rate which in turn keeps Scottsdale real estate agents in high demand.  

Is Scottsdale safe during the night?

The SPD are constantly improving their approach to safety and many times their innovations impact other police stations throughout the country. One program that had a resounding success was the “Know your limit?” campaign. People having fun in the entertainment district after sunset could interact with police officers who were taking alcohol blow tests in an attempt to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. To prevent other violent incidents or altercations, the police provided three hours of training to all the bar security staff a few years ago, teaching them how to properly use verbal de-escalation. 

The streets are well lit at night and you can have a peaceful night stroll admiring the street art or dining in one of the many restaurants in the downtown area. The Scottsdale Police Department is actively involved in the community making sure that Scottsdale isn’t a source of bad news. 

Is Scottsdale safe during the day?

Overall, Scottsdale is safer than half of the cities in the US. Moreover, according to areavibes[dot]com, the city of Scottsdale is safer than 76% of the cities in the state of Arizona! And the crime rate has been on a descending course in the past years. Few crimes happen in broad daylight, too, mainly because 84% of the population is highly educated, while 40% of the population is also religious and quite conservative. 

The Scottsdale Police Department is located at 8401 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and can be reached at (480) 312-5000.


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