What Is The Cost Of Living In Clermont Florida?

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Clermont is a city situated in Lake County, Florida with a population of about 36,000 people and it is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan area. Clermont Florida has a suburban feel to it with a family-friendly environment, but an area that is very appealing for retirees as well.

The city of Clermont FL is also situated about 22 miles away from Orlando and Leesburg, so residents from Clermont can easily commute or visit these major cities of Florida. With great schools, wonderful parks, and lakes as well as a peaceful environment, Clermont is considered to be a great place to live. But, how affordable is Clermont Florida? Let’s find out what the cost of living is in Clermont Florida?

Clermont FL is an affordable city where about 70% of the housing units are occupied by owners and the rest are rented. The cost of living shows that the city of Clermont is close to the state average and in areas such as health care, transportation, and services the cost is about 10% lower than the average of Florida.

When it comes to housing costs the median home value is situated at around $250,000 and the housing market is the highest expense in Clermont. About 10% above the national average and the average of Florida but it is still way more affordable compared to Orlando, Miami, or Jacksonville.

The average rent price is about $1,300 and about 66% of apartments are priced within the rent range of $1,000 to $1,500. Only 25% are priced above $1,500 per month and 8% of apartments are priced below the $1000 price point.

If you decide to relocate here, have one of our real estate agents in Clermont FL help you with finding the right home for you in this lively and vibrant city.


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