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A beautiful port city with a population of 117,643, Wilmington can be found on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, snuggled between the Atlantic ocean and the Cape Fear River. Wilmington is a city with a perfect size, offering its residents the laid-back lifestyle that is both  coastal and urban. Living in the city of Wilmington is not something boring or ordinary. There is a rich historical district to explore, and a broad variety of colorful festivals and events to enjoy all year-round. The gorgeous beaches are another significant drawing force, attracting both tourists and new residents to the city. As with any city, there are pros and cons to living in Wilmington, NC, but considering all the things it has to offer, it’s definitely a good place to live. Let’s see why. 

Many things to do 

Wilmington is no place for boredom! It’s crawling with various things to do, with something happening all year round.

The historic District

The city has a walkable downtown area packed with tourist routes, restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. The historical attractions of Wilmington, NC consist of many iconic buildings, which are beautiful examples of 19th century architecture. One of the most famous historical landmarks is the Bellamy Mansion built in the 1860s. Today it’s open to visitors as a museum recreating visually the time of the Civil War. 


For art lovers, the Cameron Art Museum, and the Wilson Center host quality exhibitions and art performances. But the historic downtown gives home to the trendiest places to visit in Wilmington, so make sure you don’t miss anything while on your stroll. 

 Festivals and entertainment

There are lots of Wilmington festivals you shouldn’t miss, because the city is hosting some fun events all year round. The most famous festival happening is the Wilmington international Azalea Festival, taking place each year in April, and hosting many activities. Art shows, live music and parades make part of the festival’s spirit, crowned with one of the premier events: the Azalea Belles, a parade of young women dressed in antebellum-style dresses. 


The city is home to many more festivals of different genres. The Cape Fear Blues Festival and the North Carolina Jazz Festival entertain the music enthusiasts, while the Cucalorus Film Festival provides for the motion picture fans. There are many more festivals taking place in the city, giving a reason to celebrate something all year round. 

Great economy and education 

The quality of education in Wilmington is frequently overlooked, but the ratings show that it’s quite good. From elementary schools all the way to colleges, Wilmington appears to be high in rankings that keep attracting young families and students to the area.  

Affordable housing and costs of living

The city of Wilmington has seen an increase in popularity lately, that explains why the housing market is somewhat competitive currently. The property taxes are very low here, of only 0.86%, one of the lowest in the United States. The cost of living is 96.5, slightly higher than the state average of 91, but 3.5% lower than the national average. 


Another reason behind the recent population growth is Wilmington’s outstanding economy, which provides plenty of job opportunities. The main industries are healthcare, tourism, and the government is providing many jobs as well. The strong economy and job market offer many reasons to find Wilmington a good place to live.

All things considered,

Considering everything it has to offer, from entertainment to education, and a strong economy, Wilmington is a great place to live. If you are curious and want to know more about what it's like to live in Wilmington, NC, feel free to reach out to the local real estate agents in Wilmington NC!

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