What Is Jacksonville Florida Most Known For?

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Every city has its claim to fame. For Chicago, it's the windy weather, a strangely shaped mirror sculpture, and one slightly above-average baseball team. For New York City, it’s the culture, the excellent food, and the wide variety of iconic landmarks. For Los Angeles it’s the movie industry, for Miami, it’s beaches and party culture. 

The city of Jacksonville has its fair share of these claims to fame too! Of course, there is the excellent low cost of living, and the exceptionally high standard of living, but we want to take a look at something a little more off the beaten path. Want to find out what the city of Jacksonville is known for? Keep reading! 

Jacksonville’s claims to fame

Jacksonville has long been hailed as “the bold new city of the south”. A shining beacon of progress and equality, the city was named after the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. 

Despite being best known for his presidency, Jackson was also the governor of Florida before it was incorporated as a state, and was instrumental in setting up its first territorial government. Although his legacy remains controversial, there’s no denying that Florida would be a very different place without him! With its name, Jacksonville commemorates his contributions to Florida’s history.  

Another thing that Jacksonville is known for is its smell. That’s right, its smell! The city used to be home to a number of large paper mills, which were infamous for the unpleasant odors which emanated from their operations. The unpleasant odors covered entire city blocks, making the lives of many of its residents highly unpleasant. 

However, the paper mills have ceased to function, and the smell of chemicals has been replaced with that of coffee! In recent years, Jacksonville has become a haven for coffee bean roasters, whose operations blanket their area with the delectable smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. Any coffee aficionados are sure to appreciate this! 

If you want to move to this fascinating city, why not contact one of the top real estate agents in Jacksonville FL? These real estate professionals will do their best to find you the listing that’s right for you, at the best price possible. Before you know it, you might just be calling the city of Jacksonville home!


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