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If you’re an adult and you’re thinking of moving to Knoxville Tennessee, there’s a good chance you’re making this decision based on some in-depth research about the city. You’ve probably researched the viability of this town as a potential new home, from Knoxville’s average home prices to cost of living and the city’s history. 

However, there’s one thing you may not have researched: crime rates. If this is the case, you should definitely keep reading. Crime rates are an important factor in the decision making process when moving to a new town. In fact, based on a city’s crime rates, you might even decide whether or not you want to make a new city your home! 

Crime rates in Knoxville Tennessee

If you have your heart set on making Knoxville, TN, your home, you might want to think twice. While there are certainly many things to be said to this town’s credit, such as its bustling housing market and plethora of attractions, in the area of crime prevention it suffers heavily. How bad is the problem? Let’s find out. 

Knoxville has a violent crime rate that comes in at almost double the national average. At a rate of over 8 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, violent crime is all too common in Knoxville. On a positive note, violent crime is decreasing, thanks in large part due to community outreach programs and efforts from law enforcement. 

Property crime is proportionally high, once again doubling the national average. So how bad is it? Well, according to the Knoxville Police Department, property crime occurs at a rate of 48 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, as compared to the national average of 24. Although measures can be taken to avoid becoming the victim of such a crime, you should take this into account before moving. 

Safest neighborhoods in Knoxville 

If you want to minimize your chances of falling victim to property or violent crime in Knoxville, you’ll want to choose to buy a home in one of the safer neighborhoods. What are these neighborhoods, you ask? Let’s find out! 

One of the safest of these neighborhoods is Bluegrass, a scenic neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. If you aren’t going to be relying on public transportation to get around, this beautiful neighborhood might just be the perfect place for you. With its exquisite riverside location, you won’t find yourself bored by the scenery! 

Then of course there is the beautiful Garland neighborhood, one of the keystone communities in the city of Knoxville. This delightful neighborhood is not only one of the most beautiful in the city of Knoxville, but also the safest, with crime rates far below the average for the city. You should definitely consider moving there if your budget allows! 

Conclusion on Knoxville's safety

Despite its relatively high crime rates, Knoxville does have a number of other attractive qualities, such as an attractive real estate market and a friendly community. If you want to make this city your home, you’ll want to get in touch with the local realtors in Knoxville TN. These realtors will help you find a home that suits your needs and your budget as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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