What Is The Highest Paying Job In Real Estate?

Definition of "What is the highest paying job in real estate?"

Choosing a real estate career in the United States sounds more than tempting. Who doesn’t dream about spending their workdays in the field “chasing” leads and communicating with clients instead of being confined to a tight space from 9 to 5? Yet, the virtually infinite perks of working in real estate don’t stop here. Several professions don’t require higher education or a high school diploma. A real estate license will suffice. And we haven’t mentioned that (most) of the highest-paying jobs in real estate can get you financially covered for life. 

Real estate is the house with countless possibilities!

Does real estate fascinate you? We understand you completely! Did you know there are many different jobs in real estate besides professional real estate agents? Suppose you lack the skills (or penchant) of networking, marketing, and hunting for leads as a real estate agent. Or, you may not consider yourself a people person. Then, you can consider alternative jobs for real estate agents, such as a teacher, stager, or photographer. 

Also, the housing market enables you to work from your cozy home office as a market analyst and a research consultant. We assure you that everyone will find something of their liking! Do you wish to start your real estate career from the top of the ladder? Let’s find out the top three highest-paying real estate careers in the US based on New Western’s 2022 statistics!

3. Real estate investor

A real estate investor can be an individual or business enterprise that buys, owns, operates, and rents out or sells the best properties for investment. Obviously, the objective is to generate profit and boost their ROI. Do successful real estate investors earn decently? With an average annual payment of $120,000, we can categorically include them in the best-paying jobs in real estate! Is an investor’s life pink and breezy? Not entirely because their list of tasks seems neverending, and the burden of financial responsibility can be overwhelming.

Here are some everyday activities a real estate investor may engage in. They do market research, scout, and acquire properties with great potential. Then, they must undertake property management and maintenance from A to Z. Additionally, they actively rent out commercial spaces. Thus, they’re responsible for the rental income

Rarely they’re involved in property development and improvement. This complex process requires obtaining necessary permits, improving existing buildings, or constructing new ones. Speaking about a high-risk, high-reward strategy! And now comes the quintessential part! Real estate investors need to secure funding for their ventures, for instance, mortgages, personal funds, seeking investors or partners, or using other financial instruments.

2. Real estate attorneys

Real estate attorneys take second place on our ranking of the highest-paying jobs in real estate, with an average annual earnings of approximately $128,000. Lawyers, attorneys, and legal counselors have always been in high demand regarding legal matters. Related to real property, their principal role is to offer legal representation, guidance, and support to individuals, organizations, and businesses involved in various real estate transactions and disputes. 

Let’s see their most essential services! First and foremost, they draft, review, and negotiate contracts. Secondly, attorneys can undertake title searches to check the property’s ownership history. Moreover, they will pinpoint issues, such as liens or financial burdens against the house. Then, they investigate zoning laws, environmental concerns, and land use regulations.

  1. Commercial real estate executive 

A commercial real estate executive makes a whopping annual average salary of $313,000! If you consider becoming an executive, you’ll have many tasks, duties, and assignments on your plate. You can work for real estate development firms, property and investment management companies, corporations with real estate holdings, etc. Once there, you must manage your company’s commercial real estate activities. 

More explicitly, this role concerns purchasing, developing, renting, and managing retail spaces, office buildings, industrial facilities, and other income-generating real estate. You’ll handle leasing and tenant relations. As such, you must implement strategies to boost property value, supervise its maintenance, and optimize rent and occupancy rates. It goes without saying a commercial real estate executive’s job is handed over so quickly. It requires many years of experience in the field.


No one will get these highest-paying jobs in real estate without sweat. Though these careers have high earning potential, success in the real estate industry regularly demands skills and education, training, knowledge, and extensive experience accumulated in the domain. In addition, a thorough understanding of local market conditions is also a necessity. Last but not least, being in the right place at the right time certainly helps.

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