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Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Tampa is a complex and elaborate city. It’s not easy to determine one or two things that the city is known for across the country. Considering its rich history, there are plenty of things that Tampa has to offer both in terms of famous events, and well-known things about the city. We will name a few that come to mind often when city of Tampa, Florida comes to mind.


During its rich history threaded with economic struggles, Tampa, Florida, overcame one of the worst economic moments due to the arrival of one Cuban cigar manufacturer. Vicente Martinez Ybor came here from Key West, although he was a Spanish entrepreneur that started his cigar empire in Cuba. Relocating his factories to Tampa’s neighboring town, Ybor City, the industry played a vital role in Tampa’s rapid development. For a while, Tampa was even the world leader in cigar manufacturing and it’s all thanks to one man. Ybor City, which is now a neighborhood in Tampa, is named after him and his legacy can be seen around every corner of this area. He provided affordable homes for his workers, moved doctors in the area to have health care, and transformed his original cigar factory into Tampa’s first mutual aid community center. He was honored with two statues; one in Ybor City, the other on Tampa Riverwalk.

Tourist Attractions

Surveying a tourist map of Tampa, FL, you will see a multitude of options available for any age and interest. To name a few that can be added to your future visit there are the Busch Gardens, The Museum of Science and Industry, Lowry Park Zoo, Adventure Land, and so on. Find the best places to visit in Tampa, Florida, and start your trip. It doesn’t matter when you get to Tampa, as the city’s tourist attractions can be enjoyed year-round.


These might not be the most glorious known facts about Tampa, Florida, but as the city is considered to have a large number of thunderstorms, it’s worth mentioning. Some of these storms seem to last for days with short interludes but Tampa’s community knows how to make the best of this situation. The city’s arena football team is called Storm, while the hockey team is Lighting. 

Considering the city’s growing trend and its increasing population, we have to wonder about the quality of life in Tampa, FL. As the city with the motto “where the good life gets better every day” realtors in Tampa FL are ready to set the record straight. If you consider relocating to Tampa, Florida, give them a call.


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