What Is The Cost Of Living In Cary NC?

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Located within the Research Triangle, the town of Cary NC is regarded as one of the best small cities in North Carolina. Thanks to its strong economy, thriving job market, top education, and great amenities, more people find it as a great place to live. If you were thinking about relocating to Cary North Carolina you probably want to know how affordable it is to live here. What is the cost of living in Cary NC, and how it compares to other cities in the Triangle Region? Let’s find out!

If we compare Cary to other cities in the Research Triangle Park, it will come out as one of the expensive cities located within the Park. The cost of living in Cary NC is about 15% more expensive than the state average. Chapel Hill is close to Cary in terms of costs, but it is about 20% more expensive than Durham and 15% more expensive than Raleigh. The average home price in Cary NC is what makes the big difference between some of these cities.

The most recent data from Zillow suggests that the median home value for homes in Cary is close to $404,000. If we make a side by side comparison, Durham has a median home value of about $270,000, and Raleigh’s homes are valued at a median price of about $300,000. Cary NC has an average rent price close to $1,200/month, and about 73% of apartments for rent are priced between $1,000 to $1,500 per month.

Living in the town of Cary NC may not be the cheapest option, but many would argue that it is the best option. Money Magazine mentioned the city many times in its rankings as one of the best towns in the East. Cary NC offers many opportunities as far as jobs, entertainment and education go, and these aspects offset the fact that it might come at a higher price.

The town is highly praised for its attractions, restaurants, and its upscale real estate market. Its diverse community with friendly people makes you feel at home as soon as you arrive, and its bright future intrigues many people who think about relocating to the area. If you are thinking about the same thing, contact one of our top real estate agents in Cary NC, and they will help you find the perfect home in the shortest amount of time possible. Enjoy the quality lifestyle and the brilliant community of Cary North Carolina.


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