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The city capital of Washington D.C. is famous for … well … for being the capital of the United States of America. That is probably the first thing that people think about when they hear of the city of Washington D.C., but that is only one reason why the city is famous. We’ll take a look at several factors to be considered when discussing the fame and popularity of our nation’s capital.

Washington DC - the Capital City of the US

As stated above, the city’s status as the nation’s capital is the number one thing people know when they think of DC. The idea of Washington D.C. becoming the capital of the United States of America began on July 9th, 1790. At that time, Congress approved through the Residence Act the creation of the US capital on the Potomac River. Afterward, Maryland and Virginia both ceded a total of 100-square miles of land for the construction of the federal city. By 1801 the District of Columbia was placed under the exclusive control of the federal government. At that time, the District of Columbia occupied 100 square miles with four equal 10 square mile sides. The District of Columbia was an exact square. Later on, it was decided that the territory ceded by Virginia, south of the Potomac River, being no longer necessary, was returned.

Washington DC - the Status of the Capital

Currently, Washington D.C. does not belong to either Maryland or Virginia. Despite this, Washington D.C. is not a state. The highest authority over the area is the U.S. Congress, being able to overthrow local laws. Because of this bizarre situation, after the District of Columbia was placed under the federal government’s rule, the capital residents had no right to vote in presidential elections before 1961.

Other factors that influence the city’s fame are its high concentration of embassies, museums, and monuments, especially on Capitol Hill, some of which can be visited for free. All three branches of government are located on Capitol Hill: Congress (legislative), the Presidents (executive), and the Supreme Court (judicial). The rest of the territory is residential, with approximately 714,000 people living there. If you’re planning on becoming a new Washingtonian, contact the local real estate agents in Washington DC and find your home in one of the best neighborhoods of the city’s 131 neighborhoods.


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