Is Now The Time To Rent In MELROSE, FL?

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Published: Feb 19, 2024

Ah, Melrose, Florida—this little slice of solace near Gainesville is quite the find. It's where the quiet of small-town air meets the convenience of big-city proximity. And let's not forget about the scenic views of Lake Santa Fe, providing water activities galore for outdoor enthusiasts! Melrose (ZIP code: 32666) is an unincorporated community in Clay, Putnam, Bradford, and Alachua Counties (North Central Florida), with a population of around 3,500 souls in 2024. 


The promising rental market in Melrose, Florida, is ready to fulfill your dreams!

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A diverse rental market awaits here, offering a haven for all. Bustling families, serene-seeking professionals, and even those who have traded timelines for tan lines in their golden years are welcome in this delightful community! Let's find out whether renting a unit in Melrose, Florida, is worth your while! 


In the meantime, why don't you reach out to me if you can't help dreaming about moving to Melrose? I am an established local real estate agent in Melrose, Florida, ready to bring you the most affordable rental properties.


Reasonably priced homes for rent are a stone’s throw away!

Now, shall we dive into the nitty-gritty of Melrose's rental realm, touching on the median rent and the types of homes one might uncover? As your guide through Melrose's rental market maze, I'm here to navigate you to a budget-friendly haven! However, a word to the wise. Rentals here, especially the cheapest ones, are snapped up faster than a speeding bullet trains. You will also find it interesting that only about 14 percent of the population is a renter. 


The median rent in Melrose, Florida, is about $1,650 monthly. However, several well-equipped units are available at $800 and $1,200! This market has witnessed a steady climb over the past few months. Are you interested in securing a home here? Imagine investing in a slice of peace that only appreciates with every sunrise over Lake Santa Fe. 


So, how is the rental market in Melrose? It's warm with a breezy demand. It ensures your search for the perfect home is as refreshing as our famed Florida oranges!


Select from a wide array of rental properties!

In the first quarter of the year, available rentals peppered the landscape. Choices ranged from quaint lakeside hideaways with stunning views to homes with yards begging for a game of catch. In addition, you'll find mobile homes, cozy apartments, and single-family houses downtown or in the trendiest Melrose neighborhoods. 


The average rent for a studio apartment is about $800 - $900. A two-bedroom home or apartment is approximately $1,100-$1,200. Lastly, you can rent a three-bedroom apartment for $1,400-$1,600. 


Extend your search to the neighboring communities!

Generally speaking, there are few rental properties available in Melrose, Florida! For this reason, I would complete my hunt for rental units near Melrose, FL. Let's start with East Gainesville, Northwest Estates, Hibiscus Park, University Heights Historic District, and Las Pampas.


What are the most extraordinary reasons for choosing Melrose, Florida?

university of floridaWhy consider investing your time (and maybe your heart) in Melrose? This town, oh so quaint, has an undeniable magnetism. It's a growing favorite, not just in Alachua County but among those seeking a quieter Florida lifestyle. Folks from cities like Gainesville, Starke, Keystone Heights, and Jacksonville, FL,  fed up with unnerving commotion, are finding solace in Melrose's arms. Demand here mirrors this boost, shaping the rental prices accordingly.


The rental market stays lively thanks to the University of Florida in Gainesville. Students and staff keep demand high. Landlords try to remain competitive but offer modern features, such as updated kitchens and fast internet.


Final thoughts

Melrose manages to couple its rustic charm with modern-day accessibility and conveniences. Therefore, it makes a wise choice for anyone seeking a rental home near Gainesville. It's an idyllic community where you can watch the sunrise over the lake before heading to work or classes. Moreover, you can spend your evenings enjoying all the quirks and comforts of small-town living.


Melrose hits the sweet spot. Its rental market provides an array of options that welcome newcomers into its fold. Whether you want to move to the heart of Melrose or its surrounding locales, the rental scene here invites you to find a place to live and thrive! Have you made up your mind? Or still considering this once-in-a-lifetime option? In either case, contact me, and I will prove that now is the time to move to Melrose, Florida!


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