What Is MELROSE, FL Known For?

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Published: Apr 23, 2024

Has the Sunshine State always tempted you, but you're looking for a unique experience that is not overrun by tourists? Then, I have a hidden gem for you! The charming and exclusive Melrose (ZIP Code: 32666) often escapes the radar of popular Florida destinations. You might think this is because it lacks the glitz and glamour of other places. However, it's this exclusivity that makes it an exceptional find. Plus, it features some breathtaking spots I would like to present to you! 


Why don't you grab your sunglasses, slippers, and suntan oil, and let's delve into what makes Melrose, Florida, a standout place!


Moving to Melrose in 2024 should be a no-brainer!

naples florida view of a houseMelrose combines the advantages and quaint lifestyle you're looking for. Home prices are affordable (the median listing price was $290,000 as of March 2024), the local economy is in tip-top shape, and the cost of living is substantially lower than the US average. Then, why postpone moving here? Contact me! I am your experienced and well-disposed real estate agent in Melrose, Florida, ready to bring you up to speed with all relevant local details!


Melrose became synonymous with a winning strategic location.

Find this utterly charming (unincorporated) community (population about 4,700 in 2024) in Putnam, Bradford, Alachua, and Clay Counties, north-central Florida! Off the bat, you can put your concerns about being cut off from the world to rest!


Due to its strategic location from Gainesville, FL (17 miles) and Jacksonville, FL (50 miles), many commuters have opted to move to Melrose. In addition, our beloved community is at the crossing of State Roads 21 and 26, making connectivity to major cities a piece of cake. However, it boasts more geographical perks! Did you know Melrose lies at the exquisite Lake Santa Fe's southern end? 


Discover nature at its finest at Lake Santa Fe!


What genuinely puts Melrose on the map is its dazzling natural surroundings. First and foremost, the 5,850-acre Lake Santa Fe offers plentiful opportunities for water sports fanatics. The Lake regularly draws the community together to give in to the boating (make sure to attend the Lake Santa Fe Boat Parade on July 4th!) and fishing delights. Additionally, this is the only spot with spectacular views to catch the sunset!


Are you an eager nature lover of motivated academics? Then, the expansive 5,719-acre Ordway-Swisher Biological Station will be your Shangri-La! The esteemed University of Florida manages the facility. This unique knowledge and research hub provides an excellent spot for hiking or birdwatching. So, remember to bring your binoculars and your thirst for learning!


Melrose’s roots are deeply steeped in history.

Melrose wasn't always the sleepy little town it seems to be today. In its heyday during the second half of the 19th century, this Victorian village was a bustling hub for the citrus industry. Echoes of its vibrant past can still be seen in the historic buildings and old oak trees that line the streets. Walking through the Melrose Historic District (present on the National Register of Historic Places) is an unadulterated joy! One of my favorite buildings is the Trinity Episcopal Church, which follows the patterns of Carpenter Gothic architecture.


One of the must-visit historical spots is the Melrose Heritage Park. This beautiful park features exhibits that tell tales of yesteryears, perfect for a lazy afternoon stroll.


Explore Melrose's arts and soul!

melrose arts distric usaAt first glance, you might believe arts don't thrive in such a small community. You couldn't be further from the truth! Melrose has a surprisingly vibrant arts scene. The Melrose Bay Art Gallery showcases works by local artists that capture the essence of Florida living. The creative spirits fly high here among gorgeous landscapes and intriguing abstracts!


The heart of Melrose beats faster once the rhythm of the Melrose Art Walk is on. Picture a lively event and a festive atmosphere showcasing local artisans, musicians, and food vendors. The whole town is present and united to celebrate art and culture.


Final thoughts

Melrose, Florida, may not headline the news like Miami or Orlando. Still, it holds its ground with its gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and out-of-the-ordinary community life. I always say Melrose is a treasure you'll appreciate instantly when you arrive. It delivers a taste of authentic Florida charms yet is far from the tourist traps and city commotion. So, give it a chance! 


If you're still unsure about moving to Melrose, Florida, reach out to me! Let me prove how this single decision will improve your entire life!


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