What Are The Best Things To Do In MELROSE, FL?

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Published: Jun 25, 2024

Hey there! I'm thrilled to share some awesome information about my beloved community. You can take my word for granted! As a licensed local real estate agent in Melrose, Florida, living and working here, I know firsthand just how special my hometown truly is. Are you ready to discover it? 


Whether you're a house hunter, a seller, a renter, an investor, or simply curious about new places, let me show you why Melrose should be your next move!


Where exactly is Melrose, FL?

First things first, let's put Melrose on the map! Melrose is a sweet, close-knit community (population 4,700 in 2024) in the heart of North Central Florida. We're located at the crossroads of Alachua, Bradford, Clay, and Putnam counties. Melrose offers a serene, country lifestyle just a 20-minute drive east of Gainesville and 50 miles southwest of Jacksonville. So, no sweat, you'll be close to city conveniences in no time!

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Must-see tourist destinations in Melrose, FL

When you're in Melrose, there are a few places you simply can't miss. Let’s take them one by one without any particular order.


Lake Santa Fe

This is our town's crown jewel (and probably its number one tourist draw). Apparently, it was 'designed' to amaze people who crave the ultimate boating, fishing, and swimming experiences. Are you a fan of enthralling activities? Why don't you try shark tooth hunting on the sands of Lake Santa Fe? 


Do you have a romantic nature? The sunsets here are nothing short of magical! I always come here to recharge my batteries; you should, too!


Heritage Park

This delightful spot is ideal for a stroll, picnic, extraordinary community events, or just soaking up some sun. Are you into bird watching and photography? You can combine these pastime activities in this beautifully maintained area right in the heart of Melrose!


Melrose Bay Park 

Bay Park is another dazzling natural spot. I recommend it for joyous family outings! Parents can bring their children to play at the sand beach, and singles can read a book on a bench. Overall, this park offers breathtaking views and plenty of space to relax. Let me give you a heads-up, though! The local rowing team practicing can cause quite a stir!


Shops and galleries

Our downtown area is dotted with charming shops (my favorite is the gift shop called Treasures in Writing), where you'll find unique, handcrafted items. The local art galleries are nothing short of breathtaking! You must visit Gallery 26 and Melrose Bay Art Gallery to meet ambitious artists who call Melrose home.


Blue Water Bay Restaurant

After a long day of exploring the must-see places in Melrose, Florida, visit this popular local restaurant known for its delicious seafood and super warm and friendly atmosphere!


Cultural and artistic venues that stand out in Melrose, Florida

Even though Melrose is small, we have a thriving arts scene that can compete with much larger towns!


  1. Melrose Center for the Arts: This is where our community comes together and celebrates creativity. Workshops, exhibits, and performances are regular events here. There’s no way this place won’t inspire you!
  2. Shake Rag Art and Culture Center: Suppose you're into distinctive, handmade art. Or you wish to learn how to paint. Then, you'll be a regular here. You'll also find work from local artists who embody Melrose's spirit.
  3. Melrose Library Association: Warning! It's not just a library but also a cultural hub. They offer events, lectures, and activities that keep our community engaged and connected. I enjoy attending Story Time, Game Time, and the famous Book Club! See you there?


Why is moving to Melrose, Florida, one of the greatest ideas out there?

expensive residential houses small townLearn the incontestable reasons why Melrose is the perfect place to call home. 


  • Affordability: Compared to other parts of the Sunshine State, Melrose offers a more affordable cost of living. Moreover, it's 18 percent cheaper than the average American town. You get more bang for your buck here. Homes are also budget-friendly! In Q2 2024, the median property sale price in Melrose, FL, was approximately $322K.


  • Community spirit: People here know your name and lend a hand. Neighbors look out for each other. You’re not just buying a house. You’re joining a family. I could never leave this place behind for another!


  • Picturesque lakes and parks: Melrose has always been a synonym for natural beauty. Here, you'll find the peace and quiet you dream about!


  • Safe and sound: Melrose boasts low crime rates. Is it the safest place to raise a family or enjoy retirement? Well, it comes pretty close to it!


Let’s wrap this up!

Why wait? Can't you hear—Melrose, FL, is calling your name. Relocating to Melrose will get you a royal flush. Beautiful landscapes? Check! Welcoming community? Check! Rich culture? Double-check! You won't just live here; you'll thrive! 


Ready to start your new adventure in Melrose? Contact me, your local realtor, and let's find your dream home today!


I can't wait to welcome you to our beautiful town. See you soon!


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