Why Now Is The Time To Move To MELROSE, FL?

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Published: Mar 19, 2024

There’s much to be said about this beautiful unincorporated community to spark your interest, and just one article wouldn’t be enough to cover it all. But throughout the following paragraphs, I will try to give you a glimpse of what it's like to live in Melrose, FL, and why now is the best time to move here. 


Myself, I was drawn to the quiet and serene atmosphere the community provides. The town is located in Alachua, Bradford, Clay, and Putnam counties and comprises nearly 7,000 people. Melrose provides a picturesque backdrop on the banks of spring-fed Lake Santa Fe. Moving to Melrose, FL, might be a good idea if you’re fed up with the hustle and bustle of larger communities and want to enjoy a more slow-paced life surrounded by natural beauty. 


But don’t be fooled by its quiet appeal. Melrose is also close to the action. Just a stone’s throw away from Gainesville (approximately 17 mi) and 50 mi southwest of Jacksonville, the town is near the amenities and conveniences of big cities so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 


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Melrose, FL, real estate market overview

Despite its affordability, the real estate market in Melrose, FL, has many offerings. With a median listing home price of $355K in February 2024, according to Realtor.com, the homes here are below the national average of $394,000. The prices are even lower than the state’s average of $387,500, which makes the dream of homeownership tangible for a broader range of people.   


At the moment, Melrose, FL, is a buyer’s market, meaning that the supply of homes exceeds the demand. If you’re interested in buying a home in the town, now would be a good time, given the affordability and the fact the market presents favorable conditions for buyers. 


Also, when choosing a place to live, the cost of living significantly influences the decision. The residents of Melrose, FL, enjoy the benefit of a reasonable cost of living. The Melrose-Gainesville-Keystone Heights area is famous for being one of the most affordable in the state. The total cost of housing, food, childcare, transportation, taxes, and other expenses is 18.1% lower than the national average and 20.6% lower than the state average. A pretty significant difference, isn’t it? 


Things to do in Melrose, FL,

joyful friends having fun onDespite being a small, tight-knit community, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained, especially if you enjoy the great outdoors. Covering an area of 2.8 acres, Melrose Heritage Park is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon with family. Your kids will be delighted by the park’s playground, where they can burn off energy and get a dose of Vitamin D. 


The aforementioned Lake Santa Fe is another highlight. The 5,850-acre lake is a sight to behold and offers plenty of opportunities to dive into nature’s beauty. Nature lovers can explore the nearby walking trails, and if they are lucky (and quiet), they can encounter the native wildlife of the area. If you enjoy boating, there’s no better place to launch your boat and spend a day on the water.  


Melrose, FL, is not a stranger to the arts either. Melrose Bay Art Gallery features works of local and regional artists and artisans. Located in a beautifully preserved historic building from the 1900s, the gallery is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, giving you the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in culture. 


Bottom Line

Those are some of the reasons why now would be the perfect time to move to Melrose, FL. Don't waste any time if you want to take advantage of the current real estate market affordability and enjoy a tight-knit community surrounded by natural beauty. 


If you’re willing to relocate to this beautiful town or need more information about the best places of interest, I’m here to assist you. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you with the moving process.


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