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Have you come here to contact a Fort Worth Real Estate Agent because you are planning on relocating there? You’re not the only one. The Dallas-Fort Worth area adds an average of 200 residents a day! It’s the second largest number of residents migrating from out of state.


But Fort Worth Real Estate Agents will argue this movement is not due only to Fort Worth’s big brother Dallas. And they’re right! Actually, in many ways, Fort Worth provides a lot of things Dallas can never. Its residential areas provide a very low crime rate and the average home price is much lower as well, so, although it is a big city, it maintains that “small town” feel that home buyers love. As most local Real Estate Agents point out, it’s a pragmatic decision to adopt Fort Worth as your new hometown. The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, however, there’s an abundance of Fortune 500 companies in the area – especially if you put Dallas in the mix – which pushes for higher salaries. Ever wondered how much does a real estate agent make in Fort Worth? Well, the average annual salary in Fort Worth is $50,000; much higher than the national average. And if you are one that weighs the pros and cons of living near an airport, Fort Worth is served by the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, one of the main airports in America – and also the main employee in the area, especially due to being a strategic hub for American Airlines.


And the food… oh, mamma. Texas is an all-around great place to eat with the best Tex-Mex food (of course) you can get anywhere. And the public transportation is actually pretty decent with lots of bus lines, the Trinity Railway Express connecting directly to downtown Dallas, plus the recent growth of environmental measures like the city’s bike share program “B-Cycle” with over 350 bikes at 46 different locations within the city. Great news, because you have to lose some weight with all the eating you will do there.


Fort Worth Real Estate Agents will also attest that the city has been culturally booming in the last decades. There’s even an area known as “Cultural District” because of the number of arts and artists this neighborhood brings together.


Now, beware! Fort Worth has its growing pains. Real estate developments have been made just outside of the town in a way that it “feels” like Fort Worth but it actually isn’t. And that means that, if you buy one of those houses, you won’t be able to access the many cool city services. All the more reason to contact one of our local Fort Worth Real Estate Agents and secure a safe deal for you.

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