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Best Art Cities In The US

Art can be experienced in many different ways and forms. Music is a form of art where musicians, singers, or composers showcase their creativity. Architects are artists too and they are able to express themselves by raising enormous edifices or stylish homes, exploiting different cultures, styles, designs, and combining it with science in order to create some of the most impressive structures.

Sculptures and painters are most famous for their works, and through their art, they can generate different kinds of emotions. Even if some of them are no longer amongst us we can still enjoy some of their finest works that are on display in museums laid out throughout the US. The world of art can be a stunning place where you can witness it in so many forms, shapes, and sizes. But, you might be wondering what are actually the best art cities in the US, the cities that really shine through their display of art.

Stick with us if you want to find out what are the best art cities in the US, which may help you decide where your next vacation will be.

Houston, TX

public art in houston texas

For a very long time, the city of Houston TX really stood out as an economic hub and a place where racial and ethnic diversity is at home. Its economy is boosted by many Fortune 500 companies that placed their headquarters in this sprawling metropolis and it is one of the leaders in the healthcare sectors.

Houston is also booming thanks to more than 7 million tourists who visit the Museum District each year. The city is a paradise for tourists because there are so many fun things to do in Houston TX. The art culture surrounding this city is something truly special and you are in for a treat. 

The Museum District is an association of 19 museums, cultural centers, galleries, and community organizations that are located in Houston TX and their mission is to promote art, history, science, and culture. This impressive district holds some of the best museums you can find anywhere in the US and maybe in the world.

If you love contemporary art, you can find here the Contemporary Art Museum which presents some of the best regional and international art collections. On the other hand, the Museum of Fine Arts has permanent collections that span more than 6,000 years and cover more than 64,000 works from six continents. If nature is the form of art you enjoy seeing the most, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is surely going to satisfy that curiosity, through their impressive exhibits of prehistoric beasts. 

You can also revisit the history of our ancestors, at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, Holocaust Museum Houston, or Buffalo Soldiers National Museum. These are just a couple of the museums that you can visit in the Museum District and you will surely not be disappointed with the variety of art that you can find in Houston. By contacting real estate agents in Houston TX, you can experience the art scene of this amazing city year-round and indulge in its splendors.

Nashville, TN

water color splash in nashville

Music, for many, has always been a way to escape stress and the rush of our fast-paced lives. Music is without a doubt an art that has been perfected by many throughout the years, and if you could think of a place where music is at home, it is probably Nashville TN. There is a reason why the city of Nashville, Tennessee is also known as the Music City.

If you want to experience art through the music world you have to come to Nashville. The history of country music was written in Nashville and it is one of the most representative genres of music for this city. No wonder Nashville, TN is known as the country music capital of the world, a piece of American culture in relation to music was written here.

There are dozens of venues you can choose from, and without a doubt you will be able to find something that suits your taste. If you want to explore more about the art that comes in the form of country music in Nashville, you can visit The Country Music Hall of Fame. Here you can see  some of the county music legends and this sanctum will keep you busy for hours.

The biggest country music producing studios are located in Nashville, places such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music, RCA records and many others. Nashville is not only known for music, but as an art lover you might want to visit some of the exhibits at Frist Art Museum or Tennessee State Museum. There are many fun things to do in Nashville TN and be sure that as an art enthusiast you will love the city for what it has to offer.

If you want a life-long experience in a city that lifts the music scene at the rank of art, make sure you get in touch with the local realtors in Nashville TN, who will help you get settled in the world capital of country music.

Savannah, GA

savannah georgia river street

The city of Savannah Georgia is a piece of art because of its beauty that inspired many artists throughout history. The city dates back to the 17’s, it’s rich history and culture inspired the preservation of this city’s architectural style that makes it such a unique place. From historic sites and theaters to forts and gracious manses the city’s gorgeous streets tell a wonderful story that you will be eager to explore as soon as you step on them.

Why is the city of Savannah, GA considered an art city? Because, it is a piece of art in itself. The famous historical quarter is a place where all the architectural elements of the buildings and the streets have been preserved and it is truly a delight to stroll through the district. The moss-covered oak tree tunnels are a true inspiration for any artist, and a unique sightseeing anywhere in the US. 

Iconic places such as The Forsyth and Daffin Parks, Tybee Island Beach, the McQueen Island Rail Trail running by the river and the oak-lined avenue of Wormsloe Plantation are breathtaking. It feels as if nature had hands and started sculpting the areas creating one of it’s best pieces of work. The beautiful sightseeing is an inspiration for any artist who wants to paint, compose or sculpt, because the landscape is so memorable.

Aside from the gorgeous scenery, the city of Savannah Georgia is packed with museums such as the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum where you can view different ship models and nautical memorabilia dated back to the 18th century. The American Prohibition Museum, Webb Military Museum as well as Pin Point Heritage Museum are just a few other great places to visit amongst other fun things to do in Savannah GA.

Without a question the city of Savannah Georgia is one of the most iconic art cities in the US and you will fall in love with this place in no time. If you can’t separate from this beautiful city you can even consider relocating here and by contacting real estate agents in Savannah GA you can settle here in no time and enjoy all the beauty and the glamour of the area.

Miami, FL

wynwood malls miami

You might know Miami for it’s world-class beaches and waterfront properties, but did you expect it to be one of the top tourist destinations for art enthusiasts? Well… we are here to tell you that Miami FL is in fact a year-round mecca for art enthusiasts of all kinds. If you have never heard about the annual art bacchanal Art Basel Miami Beach, you have no idea what you are missing out on. It is one of the most renowned art festivals in the US and it features a photography festival, the Wynwood Walls, Art Beat Miami, Dale Kids Day and many more.

On the other hand you have the waterfront Perez Art Museum Miami which is a gorgeous location to house such a stunning museum. The contemporary art museum boasts a permanent collection of 1,800 works dated back to the 20th century from Western Europe, Africa and America culture.

The area has quite a few raising artists that have emerged as great contributors to the blooming art scene of Miami. Artists such as Skip Hartzell who is known as “the dog artist” because of his large oil paintings, works on paper and sculptures of dogs. Ernesto Kunde is an artist who creates nature drawings and landscapes using controlled coffee stains. Mary Tidy-Coyle is a notinally published artist and curator and her works can be seen in Miami.

The incredible art scene of Miami is something quite unique, and you can experience it yourself by contacting realtors in Miami FL and relocating here in order to enjoy this art city year-round.

Baltimore, Maryland

couch graffiti alley in baltimore

One of the greatest cities of Maryland is also one of the best cities for art in the US. Baltimore is a city full of color and the creative energy surrounding the area is unreal. Even though you might have seen the city portrayed in monochromatic images, it is actually a very colorful place where art is at it finest.

The architectural beauty of the city is the first thing that hits as soon as you arrive in the city and you will immediately notice the kaleidoscope swirls on buildings along with the divine-like Murals. Also, you will notice the bridges covered in primary colors, rainbow row houses and chaotic layered street art on almost every street. The low costs of living along with the spark of the city that inspires many artists from musicians to local artists who created the Charm City Craft Mafia, is something very appealing to many young art enthusiasts.

If you want to experience some outside-the-box museums, you can certainly do so in Baltimore, MD. The museum focused on self-taught artists is The American Visionary Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art is an institution that only buys works from female artists. The Walter Art Museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to take a virtual tour of the museum.

Baltimore is also home to modern artists such as Kondwani Fidel and Amy Sherald who were commissioned to paint the official portrait of Michelle Obama. Inspiration from all around can be found in Baltimore and because people love the eccentric, Baltimore turns out to be the creative heartbeat of Mid-Atlantic.

If you want to be part of such an amazing community make sure you contact some of the top realtors in Baltimore MD in order to find the perfect home and start your art journey in this beautiful city.


The sprawling art scene in many US cities has been a motivation for many aspiring artists to pursue a career in this direction. Whether you are an aspiring artist yourself or just an art enthusiast who wants to support the art culture surrounding your area, you can surely find a place that feels like home. In this article we have covered some of the best art cities in the US that you absolutely have to check out.

Also, if you like our content don’t hesitate to share it on your social media accounts and let everyone know about these amazing cities that inspire any artist. Do you agree with our list of best art cities in the US? What are in your opinion the best cities for creatives in the US? Let us know in the comment section.


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