Different Jobs In Real Estate

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Although working as a real estate agent is one of the most common careers in the real estate sector, it is far from the only one. Yes, buying and selling residential properties constitute the majority of high-profile career opportunities in real estate. But, many other types of jobs in real estate industry are available, and the industry has depth. You will probably be able to find the career opportunity you want within real estate, whether you are looking for something with more structure or higher or lower stakes. Let’s find out the most promising and different jobs in real estate!

You might be interested in jobs in real estate other than being an agent. Did you know that various types of jobs in real estate industry can earn you the same amount as an agent or sometimes even more? So, underrating different jobs in real estate would be a huge mistake! For example, since the Covid-19 pandemic jobs that can be done remotely have become widespread worldwide. Have you ever considered applying for remote jobs in real estate?


Highest real estate paying careers

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There are many types of jobs in the real estate industry for people who want to be their boss and set their own hours. Yet, unlike most other opportunities,  different jobs in real estate offer significant earning potential. Check the following list we gathered about the best paid jobs in real estate and find out how diverse they can be.

Real Estate Appraiser

One of the best-known jobs in real estate other than agent and one of highest paying real estate careers you can pursue is that of an appraiser. A real estate appraiser looks at homes and gives an estimate of how much they are worth. As part of the mortgage approval process, this information can be used by potential investors or given to potential lenders. 

A certified general appraiser must supervise the work of newbies to the profession. In addition, they must avoid situations where homeowners can dispute their home appraisals. Are you looking for one of the most amazing different types of jobs in real estate? Then, you’d better move fast because this is one of the most coveted types of jobs in real estate! 

Appraisers can work once they have earned their certification. This is considered one of the best-paying real estate careers. A real estate appraiser can earn around $62,000/year.

Real Estate Broker

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One of the highest-paying careers in real estate is that of a real estate broker. Right off the bat, we must warn you shouldn’t consider becoming a broker if you are hunting for part time jobs in real estate or remote jobs in real estate!

The law allows a real estate broker to negotiate and plan real estate transactions. All things considered, experienced brokers can bring home a six-figure pay. This number can only be reached if you have a good reputation. Brokers are accountable for ensuring that all relevant laws are adhered to during real estate transactions. They must ensure that escrow accounts and other funds are handled correctly and that all paperwork has been completed. A broker can work, but by law, every real estate agent must work for a broker. The agent is guaranteed to adhere to all applicable laws by a brokerage firm. A real estate broker can earn yearly an approximate income between $60,000 and $70,000.
Another of the most desired types of jobs in the real estate industry is a mortgage broker, the connecting link between a borrower and a lending institution. We can assure you that they don’t get an entry level real estate jobs salary because their job prescription presupposes lots of financial responsibilities.


Realtors and real estate agents should be more understood by new homebuyers. A realtor represents both buyers and sellers. They arrange price negotiation as well as other contract conditions. They organize the closing’s specifics and contribute to the smooth operation of the transaction. Additionally, realtors must be licensed by the state. Although not all real estate agents are realtors, all realtors are real estate agents. A realtor can provide a better value from the perspective of a buyer or a seller because they must adhere to the NAR’s code of ethics. The realtor career is considered to be one of the best paid in this field, with a realtor earning approximately $70,000 –  $80,000 per year.

New Homes Sales Consultant

Do marketing jobs in real estate intrigue you? Then, we’ve found one of those different types of jobs in real estate that will give you great joy in life!

A property developer employs a new home sales consultant to market newly constructed homes to potential buyers. They are expected to lead tours of the model homes and explain each feature. Depending on the development, they also need to show different floor plans. This type of job in real estate requires more than waiting for visitors to call and request a showing. Consultants are also expected to reach out to new clients through networking events or referrals. Because they are the company’s public face, the position requires high professionalism and social grace. If you’re looking for a job that offers you a good income, you should consider this one. New homes sales consultants can earn around $70,000 – $80,000 yearly.

Real Estate Agent

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Real estate agents facilitate the selling and buying of a home. Real estate agents can become even more specialized by concentrating on particular real estate niche. Such as single-family homes, condos, luxury homes, or vacation homes. To become a real estate agent, they need a license, but success will depend on how well they meet the client’s needs. Agents’ success requirements are excellent networking, marketing, and customer service skills. The most popular job in the real estate industry offers a salary around $80,000 yearly.

Leasing Agent

Typically, prospective tenants are first introduced to a leasing agent. They assist landlords in finding residents. They must guarantee that the property is always occupied. Leasing agents conduct background checks on potential tenants to ensure they have a solid track record. They are also responsible for developing and carrying out marketing strategies to draw in potential renters. Leasing agents ensure that the move-in process goes off without a hitch and that they have a hassle-free time living there. A leasing agent can earn yearly between $48,000 – $52,000.

Real Estate Attorney

A lawyer who focuses on real estate law is known as a real estate attorney. As you might expect, it is the real estate attorney’s responsibility to assist with a home sale’s legal and contractual aspects. Real estate lawyers can represent the buyer or the seller. Sometimes, the mortgage lender will also have their lawyer involved in the transaction. This indicates that the number of attorneys present at a real estate closing could reach as many as three. A real estate lawyer has specialized training in real estate contract preparation. They will also review any documents sent by other parties to ensure the deal works out in your favor. They might also be in charge of the closing, but a real estate agent usually handles that process. The national average salary for this position is between $90,000 and $98,000 per year.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Do jobs in real estate finance attract you? Spoiler alert! You won’t receive an entry level real estate job salary! Moreover, being a loan officer certainly pays. In other words, you won’t need to look for one of those extra part time jobs in real estate!

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A mortgage loan officer (MLO) partners with a borrower when they take out a mortgage. An MLO is a company or individual that assists homebuyers in getting approved for the appropriate loan. The MLO might lend to you and help you in selecting one of their loan options. A mortgage broker who presents options from multiple lenders is another possibility. Alternatively, a loan officer might be the one. A person who acts as an MLO is called a loan officer.

They get information about their financial situation and the property they want to buy. After that, the loan officer researches various loan options and makes the best recommendations to the homebuyer. As with many different jobs in real estate, a state license and national accreditation are required to become a mortgage loan officer. This is one of the highest-paying real estate jobs, thanks to the numerous certifications needed. Probably one of the best paying jobs in this industry. A mortgage loan officer can earn around $150,000 per year.

Jobs in real estate finance

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Different types of jobs in real estate offer a lot more opportunities. In most straightforward terms, the land business can be parted into two essential parts. Residential and commercial. Finance or investments in multi-family homes, shopping centers, industrial, and office properties make up commercial real estate finance. On the other hand, residential real estate finance involves single-family home-specific financing or investments. We gathered a list of the most common types of jobs in real estate finance that can suit you.

Portfolio Manager

Different jobs in real estate are what make this one of the most sought-after nich, because it’s not limited to selling and buying houses. A portfolio manager in addition to reviewing and approving remittances, reconciliations, and other requests, this position requires the supervision of client accounts. A bachelor’s degree and five to ten years of financial industry experience are typically required for this position. Portfolio managers generally are employed by mortgage lenders and banks. Approximately, a portofolio manager can earn around $90,000 – $110,000 annually

Residential Mortgage Loan Officer

Officers are in charge of soliciting applications for residential loans from brokers, builders, for-sale-by-owners, and lawyers. They are usually employed by mortgage companies and banks. Usually, you need a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience and the salary is estimated to be around $50,000 and $70,000 yearly.

Commercial real estate underwriter

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The underwriter evaluates a borrower or guarantor’s creditworthiness and management abilities. As is the real estate collateral intended to secure a proposed loan and the loan structure’s suitability for transactions and relationships. Most underwriters have three to five years of real estate lending or underwriting experience and a bachelor’s degree. Mortgage companies and banks employ them. The average salary for this position is approximately around $70,000 – $100,000 yearly.

Residential Mortgage Originator

This position requires a bachelor’s degree and two years of residential mortgage experience. Calculating loan resolution factors like a payoff, escrow analysis, and outstanding foreclosure fees are the responsibilities of this position. They are employed by asset managers, mortgage lenders, and banks. A residential mortgage originator can earn around $45,000 – $90,000 yearly.

Investor Services Associate

This professional manages the precision and timing of monthly payments and payoffs that must be reported and sent to multiple investors. A thorough understanding of Ginnie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae is required for this position. Usually, you need a bachelor’s degree and three to five years of experience. These professionals on this type of job in real estate are frequently employed by mortgage companies, real estate management firms, and banks. Typically the average salary for this position is approximately around $55,000/year.

Residential real estate analyst

A bachelor’s degree and one year of experience performing market or residential real estate inspections are required for this position. Analysts in residential real estate are most employed by banks and the average salary annually is estimated to be somewhere between $80,000-$100,000.

Commercial property mortgage broker

This expert offers business home loans to entrepreneurs. In most cases, you need a bachelor’s degree to get this job. Banks, mortgage companies, and real estate finance groups are the most likely employers for this position. The salary usually ranges approximately around $80,000-$120,000 yearly.

Real estate asset manager

Most of the time, this manager is in charge of managing and  improving real estate held in trusts and estates of high-net-worth clients of a bank. The assets involved could be residential, commercial, raw land, agricultural, or industrial. Banks employ these professionals. The salary ranges between $80,000-$100,000.

Other jobs in the real estate industry

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “real estate”? You probably think of houses, buildings, offices, and businesses. You can earn substantial financial returns in this sector. Due to the different jobs in real estate, there are a lot of possibilities to find your career here. Check the list we have made with many possibilities and types of jobs in real estate.

Property manager

Besides taking care of the tenants, a real estate property manager handles the financial and physical care of the property. A property manager is in charge of setting appropriate rent rates based on the information gathered. They would also be required to provide the homeowner with regular financial reports. They ought to be able to comprehend budgeting, income taxes, profit and loss, and financial statements. In addition, the real estate property manager ensures that the tenants are pleased with the property. They are also responsible for maintaining the property. They must have exceptional management and communication abilities. They are in touch with contractors allowing them to address any issues with the property. Additionally, they keep track of everything the tenants are doing. Additionally, they guarantee prompt rent collection from tenants. A property manager can earn approximately around $85,000-$120,000 annually.

Foreclosure Specialist

A foreclosure specialist oversees all the paperwork and procedures that must be followed when a property is closed. They can work for a bank or a private lender. They will examine the client’s financial statements and handle foreclosure cases to hurry the property’s resale. A foreclosure specialist must be efficient and well-organized. This position has an approximately income around $40,000-$55,000 per year.

Real estate marketing specialist

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How would people find out that your real estate company is in business? Without a marketing plan, you can’t attract customers. Real estate businesses, like all businesses, require marketing to promote their existence. A specialist is in charge of the real estate agency’s marketing. They manage the content marketing strategy, oversee web-based entertainment, create printed materials, make computerized content, get ready messages, and deal with the brand. Any business’s market value determines how effectively its brand is promoted. As a result, working as a real estate marketing specialist is challenging. A real estate marketing specialist can earn between $40,000 and $70,000 annually.

Corporate real estate manager

If you were wondering about different jobs in real estate that maybe you have never heard of, this might be one of them. Companies frequently have positions for staff members to manage the company’s real estate. The leasing office and commercial space are necessary for big brands. Some businesses require an in-house manager to manage their real estate holdings. The salary for this position is approximately between $90,000-$130,000 per year.

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

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They are recruited by realtors to take care of the exchange cycle. They are effective at managing administrative duties. They check to see that every paperwork has been completed and signed. They hand the completed files to the broker, who closes the deal. Real estate transaction coordinators remind the real estate agent to contact the former client 30 days after the deal closes. They are accountable for removing the property from the listing after selling it. In addition, they keep track of client information in the client database. A person who is hired on this position usually gains approximately between $39,000 and $56,000 per year.

Real estate assistant

For real estate, assistants are essential. They are crucial to the expansion of the real estate industry. They take care of the necessary administrative duties. They allow the broker and agent to concentrate on marketing and acquiring new customers. They are accountable for completing all paperwork. Answering phone calls and providing the broker and agent with assistance in any way they can. They can assist the broker and agent in preparing legal documents and the clients in answering any questions over the phone. The average salary for a real estate assistant falls between $31,000 – $36,000 yearly.


When people are talking about entrepreneurs, maybe real estate is not the first career that pops into your mind. This is one of those different jobs in real estate you wouldn’t expect to be here. These professionals acquire property and land before selling it at a higher price. If the investors have a lot of money, they can spend some of it on improving the property, making it worth more in the market. The way to earn money is to buy properties. Any investor  wants to buy a property that can be an investment. There are many types of jobs in real estate that can help you make a lot of money, and this is one of them. The approximate salary for a real estate entrepreneur is between $90,000 and $113,000 per year.

Real estate developer

Real estate is developed by a real estate developer. They construct apartment complexes or work on commercial property and office buildings by purchasing land in prime or neglected areas. They are always involved in work that is developing. Additionally, they renovate old properties. They offer the newly constructed property for sale or lease once the construction is finished. To bring their concept to life, they must collaborate with contractors, architects, and planners. The salary for this position usually ranges between $100,000 and $115,000 per year.

Showing Assistant

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There must be more than pictures to convince a customer to buy a property. Before making a decision, the client wants to see some properties. Showing properties to clients can be a time-consuming process. As a result, showing assistants are frequently hired. They show clients the house and explain everything to them. A showing assistant with a license can even make a sale and discuss prices. But they can’t do either of the two things if they don’t have a license. A showing assistant is payed approximately $40,000 per year plus other compensations.

Real estate photographer

Photos attract visitors to open houses. It is one of the most essential tools for marketing. There are a lot of different jobs in real estate. Agents who sell higher-end homes typically allocate a marketing budget for each property. This includes paying a professional photographer since real estate commissions can be substantial. To work as a professional real estate photographer, you don’t need a license. You need to know how to take great photos and edit them, so the house looks impressive. Additionally, you must invest in equipment, lighting kits, filters, and photo editing software. The salary for real estate photographers are approximately between $44,000-$65,000.

Home Stager

Real estate agents know that first impressions are everything. Home stagers, like photographers, are increasingly in demand. Since most people look for real estate listings online, photos are the first thing potential buyers see. Home stagers must have a keen eye for design and decor. The ability to stage a whole house quickly and affordably. Given the cost of a home and the commission paid to a realtor, it is not cheap, but it is also not much in many cases. Additionally, a realtor’s reputation will improve, ultimately resulting in more clients. We bet this is one of those different jobs in real estate that you never knew about but sounds good enough to give it a try. The salary for this position is approximately between $47,000-$85,000/year.


There are many different paths your career can take once you have your license to practice real estate! There are a lot of different jobs in real estate. There is much more to the real estate business than residential real estate. It encompasses a wide range of career opportunities that call for various skills. As you can see, the real estate industry offers numerous job opportunities and there are many types of jobs in real estate. Whether you need to arrange exchanges or gauge property estimations, there are a lot of potential certificates you can procure. Regardless of your interests, one of the many types of jobs in real estate is probably a good fit for you.


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