Answer for "Is Bowie MD safe?"

So. You want to move to Bowie Maryland. Beautiful houses, tons of rich history balmy Maryland weather make the city of Bowie a great place to live. Those aren’t the only things that are great about this town, of course; there are great schools that rank highly in standardized testing and great public services that keep the town safe and sound. 

Speaking of which, you may be wondering whether or not Bowie MD is a safe place to live. Does Law Enforcement do a good job tackling crime? Is violent crime or property crime more common, and is Bowie MD a dangerous city to live in? 

Crime rates in Bowie MD

The short answer to the question “is Bowie MD safe?” is a resounding yes! Crime rates are exceptionally low for both property crime and violent crime when compared to the national median and the state median. The Bowie MD law enforcement agencies are exceptionally well funded and well managed, and crime is correspondingly low. 

Let’s look at the national, state and local averages for comparison. In 2018, the number of violent crimes per capita in the United States was four violent crimes per 1,000 residents. For property crimes, the national average was 22.22 per 1,000 residents. In Bowie MD, that number is significantly lower, at only 1.58 violent crimes per 1,000 residents per year, and only 14.12 property crimes per 1,000 residents per year. 

These low crime rates, coupled with the excellent education system, actually make Bowie MD a great place to raise a family! If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to raise your family here, you’ll need to find good real estate agents in Bowie MD. Once you’ve found the perfect listing for you, you’ll be well on your way to settling down in one of the safest towns in the United States!


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