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For a territory that was settled just to serve Boise, Caldwell has long grown an identity and lifestyle for itself.

Sure, there are people that buy Caldwell real estate because it’s close to Nampa or Boise, but it doesn’t take much time for them to realize Caldwell, Idaho is much more than they’ve had thought it was and almost never go to their bigger neighbor-town. You don’t need to. Especially after the 2009 revitalization the town went through, renovating its popular Public pool and the Indian Creek Park.

That’s why it’s important to find local Caldwell real estate agents that understand the mindset of the place: home to both the College of Idaho and the College of West Idaho, the Caldwell real estate market has a lot of different possibilities for people renting, buying or selling a home; so you should definitely find local Caldwell real estate agents to give you the 411 on the best deals in town. And what a fun town it is…

You  have a vibrant community proud of their rural background. Really; they have a tomato, a grape – interestingly no potato - and a large field of crops on their city crest! And that’s because the Caldwell real estate is filled with really fertile land. Aside from the citric family, basically anything will grow there. And if you love roses… oh my god; you’re gonna love it there!

Plus, Caldwell real estate agents will tell you that this is the most fun place in all Idaho. The Indian Creek Festival is not to be missed!  It makes kayak racing fun –by inviting contestants to build their own kayaks out of cardboard and duct tape – and has other activities like a car show, a bike rodeo(!) and a rubber duck race where you buy one rubber duck for a dollar and can get up to $200 if it arrives first place! Plus, you have regular activities going on in places like the Caldwell Fine Arts Center, The Historic Train Depot or the formerly Boise-located punk rock club The Venue – which probably moved to Caldwell Idaho because it knew that Caldwell was a fun city to be in.


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