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Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Idaho because you’re thinking about moving there? Well, you’re not the only one: Idaho is the #1 fastest growing state in America, according to the US Census Bureau. Jobs are steady there: the state is featured in America’s top 10 both for job growth and low unemployment rate. Combine that with the great food – yes, potatoes; but also huckleberry, caviar and the deliciously omnipresent Idaho Fry Sauce – beautiful scenery for outdoor activities, places like the Treasure Valley, Shoshone Falls and the Salmon River – not to mention more than 25 ski resorts in the area – and you come to the conclusion that Idaho is not called "the Gem State" for nothing. That’s why Homeowners relocate to cities like Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Sun Valley and Caldwell, looking for Real Estate Agents in Idaho to help them buy a home. Idaho real estate agencies are booming with the influx of people taking advantage of the low population density of the state and its robust economy. So, when you mix the booming economy in Idaho with its fiscal stability and one of the lowest crime rates in the country; it becomes pretty obvious why real estate agents in Idaho are laughing from ear-to-ear, right? Who wouldn’t want to move to cities like Boise, Meridian - America’s #13 fastest growing city - Sun Valley and Nampa to enjoy everything Idaho has to offer? Let’s not forget about education! Student accommodations in Idaho are always in high demand, because the future of America is being written in Idaho. Almost all of the state’s cities with more than 20,000 habitants have a college or university. And boy, are they proud of their alma mater… Football fans have heard of Boise State University and their signature blue football field, but don’t forget about Idaho State and the University of Idaho! For those reasons, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an Idahoan that wants to move out. Idahoans love their state! They are not thinking about moving out; they are actually constantly looking for homes for sale in Idaho. It’s not a renters market there; quite the contrary: you could say it’s one of the best places in America for first-time home buyers. To sum up: real estate agents in Idaho have a busy life dealing with all the newcomers looking for homes for sale in Idaho and all the Idahoans that are able to improve their lives and move on up from time to time. In this page, you’ll find the best of the best Idaho real estate agencies; have fun!