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The Emmett real estate is stuck in time. But not the way you’re thinking.

It’s not that you won’t find modern infrastructure, high-speed internet, cable TV etc. - you will! Plus, lots of amenities for the size of the city: 2.83 square miles.

What we mean is that Emmett, Idaho is proud of the past and it's visible. Ever since the 1990’s, the town hosts an annual antique cars show at Emmett City Park attracting over 1,000 collectors from Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon. During the event - aside from vendors, food and the usual car show attractions – you will find beautiful pin-up girls walking around and the old town aesthetics with the mountains in the backdrop. It’s so much fun!

Weather-wise, prepare for well defined seasons, with warm summers (but there’s a lot of trees too so you can rest assured there will be shade) and cold winters (hello snow!). But even in the winter is nice: it’s not feet deep, and it’s a great excuse to enjoy one of the oldest Emmett real estate landmarks: the Roystone Hot Springs (which is technically in Sweet, but they are really close to each other and even people that live in Sweet say they live in Emmett, so… give us a break!). Talk to an Emmett Idaho Real Estate Agent and they’ll confirm: after being renovated – it’s been around since the 1800’s – the place, where you can even rent a natural hot tub or pool for your party, provides a clean and beautiful environment and it’s a must-do attraction.

So, you see why the Emmett real estate market is growing so much, right? Reach out to an Emmett Idaho Real Estate Agent and start exploring this wonderful city!


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