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Finally, you reach the page that you were looking for. Here’s where you’ll find the information necessary for a potential real estate purchase in Falls Church, Virginia. As one of the best suburbs in the state, real estate agents in Falls Church VA have their work cut out for them. While the population numbers stop just below 15,000, the growing trend experienced by this suburb will keep some of the best realtors in Falls Church VA occupied for the unforeseeable future. This small suburban town’s major attractions are based on its accessibility to the US capital, Washington D.C., and the neighboring county of Alexandria, VA. You can’t go wrong with a town like this based on real estate agents in Falls Church VA. The reason for which we say this will be further analyzed in the section below but what our collaborators, realtors in Falls Church VA, told us is that their city is the seventh-best suburb for young professionals in Virginia. But its proximity to the aforementioned major cities isn’t the only thing that attracts people to this small suburban town. One of the ways in which real estate agents in Falls Church VA describe their town is by underlining its uniquely attractive core. Don’t be deceived by its total footprint of 2.2 square miles. Falls Church, Virginia, is nicknamed “The Little City” because, despite its small size, the suburb has an enormous appeal for those seeking a peaceful, small-town living a stone throw away from Washington D.C. Whether you’re looking into buying a home in Falls Church VA or selling a home in Falls Church VA, we have exactly what you need. Below you’ll find the best realtors in Falls Church VA, ready to accommodate your every real estate need. Choose from the best real estate agents in Falls Church VA and give them a call.

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Local real estate agents in Falls Church VA


As you read more about one of the smallest cities in Virginia, we are sure you’ll fall in love instantly with Falls Church. After all, the local realtors in Falls Church VA are always busy touring their clients through the best listing available in the city. In the following section, we’ll start sharing as much information provided by real estate agents in Falls Church VA as possible so get ready.

Housing Market in Falls Church, VA

The first thing that most local realtors in Falls Church VA can tell you is that the city’s real estate market is hot, fuming, and ready to explode. Not in the wrong way, but in prices. Now, before you get spooked, that is only meant to underline how secure a real estate investment is in the city. While currently, the median home value in the city is $661,000, prices have gone up over the last year by 8.3%. This trend can be first attributed to the city’s location and secondly to the city’s quality of life. Around 58% of homes are owned, and real estate agents in Falls Church VA connect this to the financial security of the city’s residents. People who can not afford to own a house end up renting. The remaining 42% of residents are renters that pay an average of $1,700, which is lower than both Arlington, VA, and Washington D.C.

The area’s history influenced the age of homes in Falls Church VA. The local realtors in Falls Church VA can show you homes that have been standing since before the 1940s or homes built from 2000 on. Around 44% of all homes were built between 1940 and 1970, so the options vary in style, size, shape, and architecture. Based on types of homes, the most considerable bulk is apartment complexes encompassing around 47% of all homes. The second most common type of homes is single-family homes covering approximately 40% of housing based on real estate agents in Falls Church VA. Those looking for townhomes, in particular, have a 12% housing market at their disposal. The remaining 1% are small apartment buildings. You should start looking for your dream home soon as this hot seller’s market makes negotiating a skill that only the best realtors in Falls Church VA can win at.

Job Market in Falls Church, VA

While the housing expenses are rather steep, the income of the Falls Church, Virginia residents makes them affordable. The shocking fact that real estate agents in Falls Church VA discovered during their activity is that incomes are higher in their city than they are in D.C. Comparing the cost of living between the two might surprise you. Still, the overall difference is a 3.4% increase in Falls Church than D.C.


Getting back to the economy, however, we’re pleased to inform you that the job market and incomes are both thriving, resulting in a median household income in Falls Church, Virginia, of $125,000. These earnings are higher than D.C., Arlington, the state of Virginia, or the US. Based on occupations, the most common positions are Management Occupations, while the highest-paying professions are legal positions with median earnings of $142,000. But managers shouldn’t despair; they come in second regarding incomes with median earnings of $120,000. Regarding industries, the most common industries based on Falls Church employees are Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, which are also the highest-earning industries based on incomes for employees with median earnings of $107,000.

Living in Falls Church, VA

Realtors in Falls Church VA can not get enough of their city’s restaurants and shopping venues where anyone can forget about stress, work and just enjoy a good time. This A-rated destination has the whole package: from excellent public schools to health and fitness centers, from a vibrant nightlight to the accessible commute to D.C., this Virginia suburb’s got it all. The only thing left for you to do is contact one of the best real estate agents in Falls Church VA. By working with some of the best realtors in Falls Church VA you’ll ensure your profit for years to come due to the city’s appreciation rates, and your family will get to enjoy the peaceful way of life of this city.

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