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Every city has its own charm and there is always something special that sets apart every state, region, or city. If you are coming to northern Virginia, there are definitely some unique stories to tell, and events to be covered that set apart it’s cities from the rest of the state. The city of Fairfax VA is a place that really stands out for its rich cultural, historical, and political significance. Are you curious to know what Fairfax VA is known for?

The city of Fairfax is known in history for holding the first Civil War land battle. We are talking about the Battle of Fairfax County Courthouse that took place in June of 1861 and shortly after, the Second Battle of Fairfax Court House occurred on June 27, 1863.

Another interesting fact about Fairfax County is that it used to include the surrounding counties which are today known as Arlington County, Loudoun County, and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church. The end of the Civil War brought about the golden age of Fairfax VA and after the event, the city's economy started booming, becoming a hub for commerce. This is also one of the reasons why the cost of living in Fairfax Virginia is quite high and therefore, you would need a higher income for a comfortable living. Some of the jobs you can find in Fairfax VA provide the means to support the expensive lifestyle.

Fairfax VA is also known for being close to the D.C. area and the connection between the two areas was established initially in 1904 through D.C’s new trolley line. The year 1961, brought about the separation of Fairfax County from the Town of Fairfax through its incorporation, under Virginia law.

Nowadays, the town of Fairfax VA has a small-town atmosphere where you can expect to find some of the best education in the country, high quality of life in a safe environment, and plenty of delicious eateries. There are plenty of destinations to visit and you won’t run out of things to do in Fairfax VA. Revisiting some of the city's historical moments and events is as easy as visiting some of its historic sites and museums which are also one of the things Fairfax Virginia is known for.

The festivals held in the downtown area are exceptional and the beaches along with the parks make up for a perfect recreational weekend with family and friends if you so desire. Just make sure you get in touch with one of the best local realtors in Fairfax VA if you want to land a good deal and get your hand on an amazing house, with pristine views.


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