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The city of Alexandria, Virginia, is an independent municipality that pertains to the Commonwealth of Virginia and can be found in the state’s northwest. On the city’s right, the Potomac River offers a natural border, with Washington D.C. only approximately 6 miles north. While not directly across the Potomac River from D.C. Alexandria, VA shares that natural border with the capital.

That same proximity with the nation’s capital shaped Alexandria, VA, along with central Maryland and the rest of Northern Virginia. The increase in population is a direct result of this, as is its thriving economy making Alexandria, VA a great place to live

Why is Alexandria’s Location so Complicated?

Many newcomers find it difficult to understand the complexity of Alexandria’s neighborhoods, zip codes, and it’s boundaries. This is because the collective Alexandria, referred to by the locals, is spread out, covering miles upon miles of land area and quite a large number of zip codes. To make matters even more interesting, Alexandria is split between two governing bodies. There’s the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County. The limit between the two is considered to be the Capital Beltway. What is above the beltway is governed by the city; what is below is governed by Fairfax County. The funny thing about this is that


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he school system is also affected by this split.

Counties Adjacent to Alexandria, VA

As an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Alexandria doesn’t belong to any county. As we already covered, the Potomac River bounds Alexandria’s entire eastern and southern edge. To the North, Alexandria, VA meets Arlington County and Fairfax County limits the remaining northern and western border.

This makes things complicated to understand because Alexandria isn’t only governed in part by Fairfax County, but the county is also its border on the western edge. Now, where does Alexandria end to the south? Well, we stated above that the Potomac River gives it a natural border to the east and south. The southwest, however, ends as the Dogue Creek meets the Potomac River, then Alexandria’s limit doesn’t follow a particular line. It goes towards the Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway while avoiding Fort Belvoir and Newington, which are both in Fairfax County.

Alexandria, VA Zip Codes:

  • 22206;
  • 22301;
  • 22302;
  • 22304;
  • 22305;
  • 22311;
  • 22312;
  • 22314;
  • 22315 - this is the part that belongs to Fairfax County but is still Alexandria.

Talk about complicated things. Besides Arlington and the Potomac River, nothing about Alexandria’s borders and, by extension, location is easy. For those looking to contact real estate agents in Alexandria VA, in the hopes of making this beautifully historic city their home, take note of the zip codes and neighborhood names.


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