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We’re positive that you’ve always wanted to explore the East Bay Area of San Francisco and its largest city. Who wouldn’t? Oakland lies across the bay from San Francisco, so you’ll be pretty close to the “action.” That doesn’t mean that Oakland won’t surprise you with plenty of things to delve into. In its own right, Oakland is up for the challenge as any major American city in terms of excellent housing options, a robust economy, promising investment opportunities, and out-of-the-box recreational venues. Let’s jump straight into this breathtaking city with expert local real estate agents in Oakland CA, and discover why it’s worth moving into the city, shall we? The city counted a population of approximately 441,000 as of August 2021. There’s no escape; Oakland has turned into a vibrant metropolitan in the most genuine sense of the word. Did you know that the number of residents has grown by around 12.8 percent since 2010? That’s not a coincidence. More newcomers prefer to settle here instead of Frisco, so why wouldn’t you? Let’s suppose you entertain the idea of moving to Oakland. Still, you’re in doubt. Then, contact local real estate agents in Oakland CA, asap! It’s a fact that real estate prices are not the cheapest in the region, especially if you compare them to the US average. However, realtors in Oakland CA will indeed find an affordable home for you and your family! Don’t let buying a house in Oakland be a hassle! Instead, call local real estate agents in Oakland CA! Consequently, they will provide you with several top-quality and cost-effective houses, condos, land, lots; you name it! Realtors in Oakland CA get all the up-to-date real estate listings. Thus, they can present you with any property you fancy. All you have to provide them is a rough budget, preferred neighborhood, and the size of your ideal real estate. Local real estate agents in Oakland CA, will deliver for sure! Single-family homes and inexpensive condos designed for millennials are available! Cozy and family-friendly townhouses, pleasant multi-family residences, duplexes in Oakland are waiting for you to move in.
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Turn to local real estate agents in Oakland CA, with confidence to rent an apartment in the city. They are the ultimate experts in hot rentals in Oakland. You have to experience how tenant-friendly Oakland is. Apartments within your budget are only a few steps away! Give the local realtors in Oakland CA a shout-out! As a result, they will hook you up with a nice-looking rental unit in Oakland in next to no time! Leasing an apartment in downtown Oakland or the peaceful suburbs will be an essential springboard to jumpstart your career! 


Since the local economy is in excellent shape, the housing market thrives in the area. Now, it might be a good time to sell your property in Oakland. Contact local real estate agents in Oakland CA to professionally represent your best interests. Why would you undertake the hassle of selling your real estate in the city by yourself? Working with top-ranked realtors in Oakland CA will provide you with top services, such as state-of-the-art online and offline marketing, listings, the organization of home appraisals and inspections, house staging, and finances. A house sale can turn into a delightful and profitable experience with realtors in Oakland CA. Call local real estate agents in Oakland CA, today to save you time and effort!

Let’s get acquainted with Oakland!

Oakland, a renowned port city, is the county seat of Alameda County in the Golden State and is the third-largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though founded in 1852, the city started to boom only in 1906. Then, its population grew exponentially since many relocated there after the infamous San Fransico earthquake. The housing stock escalated, and infrastructure significantly improved, thus laying the foundations of its modern metropolitan aspects that we know today. In the 21st century, Oakland has become one of America’s busiest ports with top-notch shipyards, contributing to national and international trade and marine cargo transport. We mustn’t forget, though, that Oakland also revels in manufacturing automobiles!


As you’d imagine, there’s no shortage of mind-blowing attractions in the city. Oakland addresses all sorts of recreational and cultural desires you can think of. Numerous open-air facilities cater to sports fanatics’ thirst for adrenaline. Visit Redwood Regional Park and explore the mesmerizing wildlife on 1,830 acres! Oakland boasts some beautiful parks, such as Lakeside Park by Lake Merritt, featuring a Children’s Fairyland. Good times are ahead of you! You won’t be disappointed if you long to see artistic and cultural events. You must visit the Oakland Museum of California, featuring thought-provoking exhibits on the rich Californian historical and artistic heritage. We recommend Rockridge & Temescal, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with your family. Then, go for a shopping spree in the trendiest boutiques from all around the world! Undoubtedly, these venues are merely the tip of the iceberg. If you ask local real estate agents in Oakland CA, they will guide you through the countless must-see places in their beloved city.

How does the housing market in Oakland perform?

It should come as no surprise that the real estate market in Oakland is very competitive. As of February 2022, the median home sale price was around $845,000, a nine-percent increase over the last year’s figures. It seems that home seekers are pretty eager to move to the city because properties stay on the market only for about 14 days. Market specialists highlighted a growing tendency in home prices in Oakland over the last three years, reaching their peak in July 2021 at nearly one million dollars. While rentals are about eight percent lower than the California median, real estate prices soar approximately 22 percent higher than the Golden State average. Still, housing market trends tend to fluctuate according to local realtors in Oakland CA. They would advise assuming a certain degree of precaution before engaging in a more elaborate investment strategy in the city, especially when buying a house in Oakland. 


On the other hand, average homes sell for around 12 percent above list price. So, the time seems ripe for home sellers to sell their property. Reach out today to local real estate agents in Oakland CA to get more details on your housing options and investment opportunities in the area!

Sink your teeth into Oakland’s roaring local economy!

Right off the bat, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket if you’re new in town. The cost of living in Oakland is approximately twelve percent higher than the US average. Substantial expenses translate to an average monthly $4,500 for a family of four without rent or mortgage. Still, the good news is that it's less pricey than New York by 6.6 percent. The unemployment rate in Oakland is about 7.6 percent, a little above the US average of 6.6 percent. Yet, the economy is currently experiencing significant growth, and Oakland jobs have risen by 1.4 percent. Also, analysts foresee a 35 percent job improvement shortly. Oakland's average income and household revenues are higher than the American median. So, don't let the seemingly negative stats discourage you!


Do you wonder what jobs people work in the city? Here are the primary local industries: retail trade, manufacturing, health care, education, accommodation, and food services. Therefore, you can pursue a fine career in various jobs. The leading companies operating in the area are Kaiser Permanente (or simply Kaiser, a renowned health consortium), Bays Area Rapid Transit, County of Alameda, and Southwest Airlines. Then, many automobile manufacturers have local headquarters, such as the famous Oakland Motor Car Company. The city welcomes a motivated workforce with open arms and more than decent salaries. Get in touch with local real estate agents in Oakland CA, to get more insight into the city's economic prospects and job opportunities!

Is it a good time to move to Oakland?

Even the most conservative predictions anticipate Oakland’s economic boom in the upcoming years. The housing market, though moderately pricey, has also proved itself with great investment opportunities. Once you relocate to the city, you’ll be part of a caring community. The city offers plenty of opportunities job and career-wise. Furthermore, you can commute to San Francisco effortlessly. Living in the Francisco-Oakland-Hayward Metro Area knows many advantages, such as a pleasant climate all year round, attractive setting, and colorful artistic and cultural scenery. No matter what, you can count on realtors in Oakland CA, who will be there for you all the way through!