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Or, does the wild-west still prevail?

Explore a city with a powerful pro-community statement striking just the right balance between the tranquility of the suburbs and the business potential of the metropolitan areas! 

Frisco, located in Texas, US, and founded in 1845, has undergone a significant shift from being a sleepy agricultural town to a medium-sized city with metropolis-like dreams of economic growth. The city has an ever-growing population currently counting more than 200,000 residents. This progress attracted lots of newcomers and with them economic potentials and investments. Nonetheless, the city kept its quintessential appeal, namely its suburb nature. 

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Keeping the crime rate in check

Contrary to expectations, crime rates did not catch up with the sudden boom in cultural and economic development. Frisco is the second safest settlement in Texas, with an overall crime rate of 13 incidents per 1,000 citizens. According to Neighborhodscout, the chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime here is 1 in 1,253, while in Texas it is 1 in 239. In other words, Frisco is not only one of the safest cities in Texas, but also in the United States. 

In addition, if you were wondering about acquiring real estate in Frisco, the chance of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 84. In Texas, it is 1 in 42. Therefore, investing in Frisco is a good idea, and even under the current climate, we highly recommend it! Once you have reviewed the different types of crimes, it will become crystal clear that Frisco has kept and still maintains its reputation as a trouble-free haven in the States.

Join up your friendly Neighborhood Watch

The local police force keeps close tabs on crime, contributing to a heightened sense of security in the city. Still, Frisco also prides itself on a strong sense of community and brotherhood. Locals are involved in the lives of each other. As a result, they have organized themselves in the Frisco Neighborhood Watch Program. Explicitly, the watch implies a crime prevention program that provides citizens with methods and the necessary know-how to cut down the risk of becoming victims regardless of their whereabouts. Statistics show that it had a significant contribution to the reduction of the crime rate in the city.

Furthermore, it helps residents identify and report suspicious activities. At the same time, it offers valuable clues on how to make your home safer. The watch managed to turn into a “cohesive body of concerned citizens”. Everybody is welcome to join forces with them!

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