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Suppose you wish to experience a radical change in your life for the better. In that case, a change of scenery is advised to a city that provides you and your family with extraordinary economic, housing, and job market perks. And Olathe in Kansas certainly delivers. Established local real estate agents in Olathe Kansas will confirm that moving to the pearl of the Sunflower State will bring you nothing but advantages. The 62.39-square-mile town is the county seat of Johnson County and part of the Kansas City Metro Area. It counts about 146,000 residents as of 2023. This number is quite impressive, especially considering that in the early 1950s, Olathe’s population was merely 5.6K. During the past seventy years, numerous families, young professionals, job-seekers, and retirees have found their dream come true in Olathe. Did you know that its name means beautiful in the Shawnee Indian language? People don’t just relocate to Olathe KS. They become deeply impassioned with this gorgeous city. So why don’t you consider exploring the thriving housing market in Olathe, Kansas yourself? Contact professional local real estate agents in Olathe KS, at your earliest convenience and start planning today! Top-tier local realtors in Olathe Kansas will deliver plenty of affordable housing options. Thus, if you entertain buying a home in Olathe KS, here’s your chance! New properties for sale are listed in Olathe daily. Working with top local real estate agents in Olathe KS will grant you access to old and new homes on a budget. Licensed local realtors in Olathe KS will guide you through the best neighborhoods in Olathe (for example, Frisco Lakes, Arrowhead, and Water Works.)
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So, if buying a home in Olathe is on your agenda, turning to the best local real estate agents in Olathe KS should be a top priority! Purchasing an inexpensive property in Olathe, such as a townhouse, condo, single- or multifamily home, manufactured or new constructions will be a lucrative investment over time. Local realtors will certify that home prices in Olathe have steadily grown lately.

On the other hand, competent local realtors in Olathe KS will assist you in locating an affordable rental unit in Olathe. You can rent a great house and a cost-effective apartment in the suburbs or downtown Olathe. 

The local housing market in Olathe is very competitive. This translates to the demand for homes exceeding the supply. In other words, selling your home in Olathe Kansas has never been more enticing. If you work with the best local real estate agents in Olathe KS chances are you get the highest returns on selling your home in Olathe. These experienced local realtors in Olathe KS know the drill. For this reason, they will list and market your property online and offline, organize open houses, and provide helpful financial tips and tricks. 

The local real estate market in Olathe Kansas is booming!

During the previous three years, home prices in Olathe, with a few exceptions, have been steadily increasing. Local realtors in Olathe KS will confirm that investing in an Olathe property was ideal in February 2020 when the median home selling price was slightly below $300,000. Olathe real estate prices reached their highest value as of December 2022, with a median of about $430,000. Since 2022 last trimester, home prices have decreased, registering a $390,000 median in February 2023. 

Since Olathe is a trendy moving destination, real estate costs more than the Kansas average by about fifty percent. At the same time, rental in Olathe is heftier than the state median by approximately twenty percent.

Homebuyers and property sellers in Olathe Kansas must know this!

Expert local real estate agents in Olathe Kansas will offer you all the complex data, local housing trends, and real estate comps. Thus, you can bring an informed decision about buying a home in Olathe. Remember, selling a home in Olathe will also have considerable financial benefits. However, you must know specific details about the regional real estate market before selling or buying a home in Olathe. 

On average, property prices are 2.5 percent higher than a year before. Based on recent statistics, Olathe properties sell after 27 days on the market, which is a drop after the median of eighteen days in 2022. Top local realtors in Olathe KS, also reported that homes receive multiple offers, and several homebuyers tend to waive contingencies. No wonder homes in Olathe sell above the initial price by about two to five percent. Hot properties will sell at an even higher price. Based on national real estate predictions, properties will become pricier nationwide in 2023. Therefore, skilled local real estate agents in Olathe KS recommend buying a home in Olathe or investing in land as soon as you can!

The local economy in Olathe Kansas is nothing short of breathtaking!

You won’t have to fear not getting an excellent job in Olathe! Olathe’s job market is thriving while the unemployment rate is record-low! For starters, the 2.9 percent unemployment rate beat the national average of six percent. Moreover, the job market is rising, reaching about 35 percent growth instead of the 33.5 percent national average. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Olathe is approximately three percent higher than the American average.

Nevertheless, Olathe’s economic growth shows the best in its residents’ median wages. Olathe citizens took home an average annual income of $32,000 instead of the national average of $28,500 the last year. Furthermore, a local’s median household income of $76,500 surpassed the $53,500 American median.

Which are the leading economic industries in Olathe, Kansas?

Olathe’s economy is centered around retail trade, healthcare, financial activities, social assistance, manufacturing, and education. The unique city features many commercial and industrial parks which host nationally renowned company headquarters, such as Husqvarna, ALDI, Honeywell, Grundfos, Garmin, and Farmers Insurance. Did you know that Olathe is home to a fantastic air-traffic-control center managed by Federal Aviation Administration and a national airport called Johnson County Executive Airport? 

In a nutshell, local realtors in Olathe KS will corroborate that every circumstance is given for a developing and thriving economy. And Olathe doesn’t miss a beat in this regard!

Which are the must-see places in Olathe, Kansas?

Since Olathe was founded in 1857, visitors can see many historical places here. Local real estate agents in Olathe KS will promise history buffs and families in search of exciting venues that they will have the time of their life! For instance, Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm Historic Site, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, provides quality entertainment. However, modern art and culture fans will also find something exciting at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, the Permanent Sculpture Exhibit, and the Chestnut Fine Arts Center. 

Nature lovers and adrenaline addicts will have a ball at Ernie Miller Park & Nature Center, Lake Olathe, Heritage Park, and Kill Creek Park. Still, the best “must-see” place in Olathe is the Kansas City Automotive Museum. On a 12,000-square feet venue, you can inspect a series of genuinely awe-inspiring car collections featuring Mustangs, Ferraris, Corvettes, and military vehicles. Last but not least, visit Olathe Farmers’ Market, where you can always buy the freshest local produce!

Should you consider moving to Olathe Kansas?

Right off the bat, living in Olathe Kansas means a uniquely exceptional experience! The city attained an above-the-average livability score of 84/100! People just love living in Olathe! First and foremost, the housing market in Olathe features many excellent deals. So you won’t have to look for a home to buy or rent for too long! On the bright side, the unemployment rate in Olathe is incredibly low, and the job market can’t be stopped. Wages are excellent in Olathe, with residents earning substantially more than Average Joe. Additionally, the poverty rate is also lower than the American standard.

When asked, local realtors in Olathe Kansas recommend their charming city to families. Why? Because local crime rates are lower than the Kansas average by about 42 percent as of 2022. The local community is unspeakably family-friendly. Households are in tip-top shape. Public schools also received outstanding ratings. Local real estate agents in Olathe KS recommend Morse Elementary School, Timber Creek Elementary School, Chisholm Trail Middle School, and Blue Valley Southwest High School to “new parents on the block.”

However, economic progress has a cost. In Olathe, expect a heightened cost of living and homes, moderately more expensive than the national average. Still, when it comes to choosing this wonderful city, Olathe shouldn’t raise any red flags.