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Right off the bat, it’s safe to say that it’s always sunny in Sun City, Arizona! Fun City has turned into a fashionable resort town and retirement destination. There’s no miracle here since locals strive to satisfy every tourists’ need. Sun City features exceptional amenities and all sorts of events all year round! But the region is so much more than that. Locals pride themselves on enjoying life to the fullest. Being part of a healthy, proactive, and happy community is the new standard here. Moreover, their happy-go-lucky optimism gave wings to the most tourist-friendly attitude in the region. You can virtually feel the good vibes when residents jump at your assistance wherever you go. Don’t be surprised if a golf cart stops by while you’re strolling and invites you to Riverview or Willowbrook Golf Course! And, if you’re lucky, they even let you win. Fat chance! Seeing is believing, so why don’t you give Sun City a chance? Tourism flourishes in the area, and only you’re absent. Give realtors in Sun City AZ, a shout-out today! Experienced agents can offer you first-class accommodation! Don’t stand waiting and give in to the ultimate recreational experience of your life! Get in touch with any of the local realtors in Sun City AZ for a vacation home or low-cost apartment to rent! Are you planning to stay for a while? Real estate agents in Sun City AZ can manage that too. There are budget-friendly rentals available in town for you! The city provides out-of-towners with the best vacation rentals, family-friendly homes and condo rentals in Sun City. You name it! Agents have all sorts of rental units available in Sun City, AZ! Sun City apartments and houses to rent are just an arm’s length away! Reach out now to the local realtors in Sun City AZ! In addition, you can buy a property in Sun City, too! Buying a house has never been more convenient when using the local realtors in Sun City AZ assistance. Inform the local real estate agents in Sun City AZ about your housing requirements. There are many homes for sale in Sun City! Are you interested in purchasing a townhouse, condo, multi-family apartments, or land in Sun City? Local realtors in Sun City Arizona, will provide you with a hard-to-resist offer! Are you looking for the perfect retirement home for your next phase? Look no further! Sun City has the best properties available suitable for any demand! Are you a seller in Sun City? Since the housing market is booming in Sun City, AZ, it might be a good time to sell your real estate. Realtors in Sun City AZ will offer you their expertise and dedication in the domain. Selling your house in Sun City can be a smooth process! The local real estate agents in Sun City AZ, will help you all the way through in selling your property. No more hassle around mortgages and other finance-related issues. There’s a simple solution for everything with a Sun City realtor!
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Find Sun City, Florida, within the Phoenix metropolitan area. It’s an unincorporated community (no local municipal corporation governs the region). Additionally, the city is also a census-designated place (a self-governing area) in Maricopa County. With a total land area of 14.4 square miles, Sun City or Fun City, as locals often refer to it, had a population of almost 39,000 in 2021.   

Is it worth moving to Sun City, Arizona?

Analyzing housing market trends, the real estate agents in Sun City Arizona, reported a steady increase of about $80,000 in average home selling prices in the previous three years. As of September 2021, the median sale price of Sun City properties was around $266,000. Additionally, there was a boost of 20.6 percent compared to the 2020 average median sell price. All these numbers add up to the conclusion that the Sun City housing market is more than competitive. Plus, real estate prices in Sun City are 33 percent lower than the state average. In the meantime, if you wish to rent a place in Sun City, you’ll have to pay five percent more than in Arizona generally.


The median income in Sun City is $36,500, and the unemployment rate is approximately 6.1 percent, in sync with the national average. When asked about their feedback on Sun City, locals and tourists highlighted the entertainment facilities and pleasant winters as its primary perks. In contrast, they pinpointed the summer heat, the city’s seemingly uncontrolled growth (“sprawling”), and escalating home prices as disadvantages. Consequently, there’s a substantial interest of the newly arrived and house-hunters to relocate to and settle in Sun City.


The economy in Sun City boasts signs of vitality. Market analysts reported a 3.3 percent growth in recent jobs. Once you relocate here, you’ll soon find out that the average cost of living in Sun City is 5.1 percent lower than the American average. Consequently, Sun City’s livability score, published on AreaVibes, is excellent. 

Thus, if you ask our realtors in Sun City Arizona, they’ll answer: yes. It’s worth moving and living in Sun City!

Must-see places in Sun City, Arizona 

The best active adult community in the US offers an extraordinary experience to all its visitors! How come, you may wonder? Distinctive architectural features, cultural and social events aplenty await you! Driving through the Phoenix metropolitan area, you’ll notice that every must-see place is quite close to Sun City. Realtors in Sun City AZ will confirm that the town turned into an entertainment and cultural hub. Are you a sports fan and an addict to outdoor activities? Try the ultimate recreation on golf courts! Baseball stadiums with thrilling events all year long? Check! Shopping malls with boutiques and cafes? They’re only a 7-mile-drive away! The city turns even the conventional, more traditional pastime activities into a breathtaking experience! Do you wish to see something unique? Ask local real estate agents in Sun City AZ to give you some helpful tips! How about taking the ride of your life on the Safari Open Jeep Experience at Pilanesberg National Park? You can observe the lush nature and rich wildlife at the Valley of Waves too. It is a unique water park hosting the suggestive Roaring Lagoon. Watch out for the crocodiles at Kwena Crocodile Farm! Get a panoramic view of Sun City from the King’s Tower. And the list goes on …

The old Sun City, Arizona vs. the new Sun City West, Arizona

If you’re vacationing in the area, you might find yourself slightly confused about the similar names of two Arizona cities. About a nine-mile distance splits Sun City, AZ, from Sun City West, AZ. How do they differ, you may wonder? Sun City West was newly built (between 1975 and 1995). Besides, many consider it to have a tighter, more compact community than its counterpart. However, since Sun City has a long history, it has access to the 101 highway. Thus you can drive faster to major neighboring cities, such as Phoenix, Peoria, or Glendale. There are no main roads through Sun City West. Building highways and managing local infrastructure relies on volunteers’ dedicated contribution. Because Sun City, AZ, is older, the cost of living, in general, is lower here than in its neighborhood. Ask the top local real estate agents in Sun City AZ which one you should pick for your stay in the area! They will inform you that Sun City West has become a popular retirement community featuring affordable real estate and low property tax rates. In addition, the “new kid on the block” showcases the ultimate vacation home-style amenities. Who wouldn’t want to spend their retirement in a city boasting recreation centers, a bowling center, a well-supplied library, and golf courses? Locals and visitors meet up at Briarwood Country Club to celebrate friendship and everything that matters in life. 


From an economic aspect, Sun City West is approximately 10.3 percent pricier than Sun City. At the same time, the housing costs in Sun City are more affordable by 41.6 percent than in Sun City West. However, both provide locals and visitors with a first-class shopping experience, hospitals, and plenty of outdoor and indoor activities. Why don’t you explore both cities yourself?