Definition of "Budget deficit"

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Circumstance resulting when government expenditures exceed government income. To finance this difference, the United States Treasury will auction Treasury bills, notes, and bonds. In order to attract investors such as insurance companies, the Treasury will pay higher interest rates on the new issues, resulting in a decline in bond (already issued) prices and the increase in their rates.


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Comments for Budget Deficit

Marilyn Marilyn said:

My mother is 101 years old and receives Medicaid and also $756 in SS. She has no assets except her house($50,000 when she dies can Medicaid recover anything

Apr 04, 2019  21:04:20

Real Estate Agent

Hi Marilyn!  Since your mother is over 65 and has been receiving long term care financed through Medicaid, according to the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program,  your mother's house could be used to repay some of her Medicaid benefits.  

May 13, 2019  06:24:02

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