Business Automobile Policy (bap)

Definition of "Business automobile policy (bap)"

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Coverage for automobiles used by a business when a liability judgment arises out of the use of the automobile, or the automobile is subject to damage or destruction. The business can select coverage for any auto in use,. whether business, personal, or hired. The policy is organized as follows:

  1. Parts I, II, and III define terms used in the policy, such as auto, accident, insured bodily injury, property damage, territorial limits of coverage.
  2. Part IV LIABILITY INSURANCE in a liability judgment against the insured business and/or individual, the insurance company will pay the monetary damages up to the limit of the policy. Negligent acts and/or omissions of the insured business and/or individual must arise out of the ownership and operation of a covered auto, subject to specific exclusions.
  3. Part V physical damage insurance in the event of damage to an auto, the insurance company will pay under one of two categories: COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE-damage resulting from fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, windstorm, hail, earthquake, or flood; or collision insurance damage resulting from colliding with another object or the overturning of the insured auto.
  4. Part VI CONDITION stipulate what the policyholder must do in the event of a loss, such as give notice to the insurance company; submit proof of the loss; submit to inspection of damaged property by the company; cooperate with the company in the event of a liability suit.
The BAP has been largely replaced by the BUSINESS AUTO COVERAGE FORM.

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