Can I Use Two Realtors® To Sell My House?

Answer for "Can I Use Two Realtors® to Sell My House?"

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Yes, you can use two realtors® to sell your house. Actually, more than two. You can use how many you’d like.

It’s what is called an Open Listing. In it, the home seller pretty much says “Hey, realtors®! Whoever brings me the best offer first, wins”, which, in paper, looks great, wouldn’t you agree? Having several real estate agents searching for potential home buyers will make the whole process faster; they’re bound to find a buyer for your house faster than if you would rely on only one. Competition is great, right?

Well, not most of the times, and definitely not in this case. The problem is that most realtors® shy away from Open Listings. At least the very good ones. They ask themselves: why waste my already scarce time to find a home buyer for this property only for the seller to choose another offer? They prefer working with an Exclusive Right to Sell Listing, which guarantees them a reward for their work.

There are two scenarios that are best suited for the use of two realtors® or more to sell a house. One is if your house is very unique. So much so that even well-established real estate agents will bid for it because they have clients looking for that house and the supply of houses like yours is almost non-existent. And the other one is if you are in a hurry. Then it *might* be a good idea because you want the most real estate agents trying to sell your house you can – even if they are not particularly the most sought-after.

So, as you can see; it’s not a matter if you can use two realtors® to sell your house. Yes, you can. But *should* you? That’s up to you to answer…


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