Charitable Remainder Trust (crt)

Definition of "Charitable remainder trust (crt)"

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Trust to which a donor transfers assets and that distributes income to finance a predetermined situation. After the trust expires, any remaining assets are donated to the qualified charity that was previously designated as the remainder beneficiary (beneficiary of trust). In the year of transfer, the donor receives a tax deduction for the future value of the assets that were transferred to the trust. Thus, under this type of trust, the donor (person who creates the trust) simply makes an irrevocable transfer of an asset (s) to a trustee. According to the trust agreement, the trustee must:

  1. invest the asset contributed to the trust;
  2. pay a predetermined annual income to the donor and/or another designated beneficiary for life or stipulated number of years;
  3. distribute the asset (s) to the charity, either when the donor dies or when a specific designated income beneficiary dies.

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