Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (cgl)

Definition of "Comprehensive general liability insurance (cgl)"

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Coverage against all liability exposures of a business unless specifically excluded. Coverage includes products, completed operations, premises and operations, elevators, and independent contractors. This form has been replaced by the commercial general liability form (CGL).
Products coverage insures when a liability suit is brought against the manufacturer and/or distributor of a product because of someone incurring bodily injury or property damage through use of the product. (The manufacturer of the product must use all reasonable means to make certain that the product is free from any inherent defect.) Completed operations coverage for bodily injury or property damage incurred because of a defect in a completed project of the insured. Premises and operations coverage for bodily injury incurred on the premises of the insured, and/or as the result of the insured's business operations. Elevator coverage for bodily injury incurred in an elevator or escalator on the insured's premises. Independent contractors coverage for bodily injury incurred as the result of negligent acts and omissions of an independent contractor employed by the insured.

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