Definition of "Note"


A legally transferable debt instrument by which the issuer agrees to pay the payee within a certain time period. Note usually pay a specified rate of interest tied to the market rate of interest. A person may sign his or her note payable promising to pay money to another party, such as a bank or creditor at a later date. The payment includes principal and interest. For example, a $50,000, one-year, 8% note will have a maturity value of $54,000 ( $50,000 principal + $4,000 interest). The $4,000 equals $50,000*8%. Notes may or may not supported by collateral. Some types of notes in connection with real estate follow:

Collateral note: Note in which real estate is pledged for it. Demand note: Note due on demand by the payee, not on the maturity date. Joint note: Note having two or more people being obligated for it. Mortgage note. Time note: Note payable at a definite time. Unsecured note: Note without security.

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