Is Washington DC A Good Place To Live?

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The capital of our nation has had quite a reputation over the last century. With crime rates decreasing, currently, Washington D.C. is becoming a much safer city than it had been back in the 1990s. The booming economy is the main factor that attracts millennials, young families and more businesses.

The city of Washington D.C. had a great increase in population over the last two decades. There is still a difference when compared to the 1950s threshold of 802,000, but currently, the District has about 702,000 residents. With increasing salaries, modernizations happening in all the neighborhoods and safer streets, Washington D.C. and its metro area is steadily becoming one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas by population, based on the 2018 census it was on the tenth place.

Millennials love it

It is ranked as #5 on the “Best Cities for Young Professionals in America” list trumped only by Arlington, Seattle, San Francisco, and Cambridge. Clean and green are two things that millennials look for when moving to a new city. Washington D.C. has both in abundance. The gorgeous parks that are free of litter, the breathable air and a minimum of only 8 bad air days in 2017 improves the quality of life in Washington D.C. Millennials love the focus on sustainability that the capital shows as sustainability is very important for the younger generations. 

With a diversity that applies to both ethnicities as well as sexual orientation and job prospects that are just as diverse, the District is attracting the generations that are open-minded and welcoming to the former “outsiders”.

Family life

Ranked #48 on the list of “Best Cities to Raise a Family in America”, Washington D.C. may not be perfect for families but it offers opportunities like no other. Schools in D.C. have a 13:1 student-teacher ratio and higher high school graduation rates. Also, students have almost double the rate of getting a bachelor’s degree and close to three times the rate for a master’s degree when compared to the rest of the country. Add to this the knowledge offered by all the museums in Washington D.C. and your children will grow up thinking they can change the world.

Building both tolerance and compassion with the diversity present on the streets, a safer reality than it’s previous reputation, jobs are lined up for the taking by both parents and young adults with a diploma under their belt.


Living in a vibrant cultural center that hosts both the heart of political life and countless free museums or entertainment options, Washington D.C. is a good place for retirees. Offering great health care and many great hospitals, the capital can be enjoyed by both those who grew their careers here as well as those from other areas. The only downside for retirees is the housing costs which are higher than the U.S. average, but having one of the best public transport systems adds to the value of the city. 

Washington D.C. has had a bad reputation in the past however there had been a lot of changes for the better in the last decade. A rising economy made the city grow fast and it is why the housing prices raised as well. Real estate agents in Washington D.C. can provide the best tips for your best housing experience. 

Beauty, culture, history, and politics all rolled into one capital that gives you a mingled community filled with compassion. If you love to explore the U.S. capital you can pay it a visit on 4th of July. It can also be a great place to live for you and your family.

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