Wraparound Mortgage

Definition of "Wrap-Around Mortgage"

Scott & Angie  Newby
  Calumet Realty

A mortgage loan transaction in which the lender assumes responsibility for
an existing mortgage.
A wrap-around can be attractive to home sellers because they may be able to sell their home for a
higher price. In addition, if the current market interest rate is above the rate on the existing
mortgage, the seller can earn an attractive return on the cash foregone from the sale. For instance,
if the $70,000 mortgage in the example has a rate of 6% and the new mortgage for $95,000 has a rate
of 8%, S earns 8% on his $25,000 investment plus the difference between 8% and 6% on $70,000. The
total return is about 13.5%. Only assumable loans are legally able to be wrapped. Assumable loans
are those on which existing borrowers can transfer their obligations to qualified house purchasers.
Today, only FHA and VA loans are assumable without the permission of the lender. Other fixed-rate
loans carry 'due on sale' clauses, which require that the mortgage be repaid in full if the property
is sold.

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